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Default Prerecorded phone sex story

Ok I don't know if this will be to anyone's liking or not but I saw some others simular to this and figured why not post it too.
I guess I'm as much of a pervert as anyone else here and I do call the phone sex lines, only I try and tape them for later use I mean who can spend up to $2 min to get off each time right?

So anyways this one is a prerecorded story from some girl that calls herself TabooBridget only this isn't really very taboo except the fact that she wants to "squirt all her girl juice all over your cock" she never says how old she is or how old you are, she doesn't even say where she is or for that matter the time of day.
If you like it please clicky on the thanks button and I'll try and post some more.

Format file: mp3
Size archive: 7 mb
Duration: 8 min.
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