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Default Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 01-04

by starlifter99

When I graduated high school (which was three days after my 18th birthday), I was still debating which area I wanted to major in while in college. My parents had been lobbying for me to go into pre-law but deep down I really wanted to be a doctor specializing in internal medicine. While I always respected my parents opinions, on this issue I wouldn't budge and for some reason this became an ongoing discussion about which profession was more 'noble' Lawyer or Physician. In my view, it was a no-brainer but my parents still held out hope that their youngest son (of three) would be the lawyer of the group.

However, my mom's sister Linda (7 years older than my mom who was a well preserved 41 when I graduated that day) had always been my own 'personal advocate'. Linda and I were very close for some reason she was my favorite aunt; I, her favorite nephew. I never really knew why... we just were. Linda had been married once but divorced her husband rather quietly and quickly when she found out about his philandering down at a gay bar in the nearest town. The guy was an idiot Linda was a very beautiful woman in my view and had a personality that was magnetic.

But Linda never remarried after those brief 4 years of marriage and while she dated some, she always told me that she had been hoping to find someone who just didn't seem to exist. I felt sorry for her actually. I knew she was lonely just by the number of times she seemed to always be popping in at our house (she lived about 3 miles from us and out in the sticks just as we were). Linda and my mom were very close in spite of the 7 years between them and I knew my mom valued that. So, in a way it was good for both of them to have so much time together. Life is short, you know...

That evening after my graduation open house, Linda had stuck around to help mom clean up the place. It wasn't anything fancy just some sandwiches, finger foods, and the usual get-together picnic-type foods. A big crowd had flowed through fairly steadily all afternoon and the number of envelopes on the 'gift table' was much larger than I had imagined. It looked to be a great day after all.

As I came back downstairs from stashing all the 'loot', I thought I heard a car start and pull out. It was then I noticed that Linda wasn't there.


"Yes, honey?"

"Where did Linda go?"

"She said to tell you she was sorry she had to leave but that she needed to go and let her dog out and she needed to get home to take care of him. She did say if you had time, she hoped you could stop over since she forgot your card and gift when she came over this morning."

Well, that wasn't any big deal to me. I didn't really expect a gift from anyone and especially Linda. I knew she didn't have a lot of money but she did seem to have enough to get by. It was just great that she came. I did feel a little awkward going to her house just to get a gift almost like I was being mercenary. But when I raised that with Mom, she just pooh-poohed it and said to get over there because she knew Linda would be expecting me and that she might want to go out later since it was a Friday night.

So, with Mom's words of encouragement, out the door I went, jumped in my Jeep (a used one my Dad had co-signed for) and down the dusty lane I went and on out onto the highway towards Linda's place. It was a glorious late May evening, nearly 8pm. The crops were already getting a good start and long green rows of corn and soybeans were everywhere.

The air smelled clean and fresh; not a cloud was in the bluest of skies as I drove the short jaunt to my aunt's house. Long shadows covered the road from the trees growing alongside and I noted a hawk circling lazily off in the distance. In just a few minutes, I was in her driveway and walking up the sidewalk to her front door.

When I knocked on Linda's door, I heard a muffled voice say, "Come on in, Tom. The door's open."

I opened the door and stepped inside. Linda's house was a bit smaller than ours but it was paid for, a fact she liked to laugh about since she got the house from the divorce. It was decorated tastefully Linda had an eye for the 'just right' look, she liked to brag. She didn't like gaudy clutter in her home and I had to admit, it looked good.

As I walked on in, I could smell fresh bread and almost immediately "Killer" came racing out from the kitchen to greet. Killer is Linda's dog a Yorkie. She and I often laughed at the name she bestowed upon the tiny dog but she said it suited his personality. I didn't get it but did think it was funny just the same Killer might lick you to death but he wouldn't even bite a flea! I scooped him and headed on into the kitchen to see what it was that smelled so good.

Rounding the doorway in the kitchen, I saw Linda bent over and reaching into the oven, pulling out two pans of the absolute greatest smelling bread you can imagine. Linda's bread is legendary in our family and is always the first food to disappear during get-togethers. The batch that day was no exception it was heavenly. But the smell of the bread wasn't the only note-worthy thing my senses picked up on.

Linda's backside was directly in front of me and as she was bent over, her shapely behind looked like a denim heart. Immediately, I felt guilty! I had never, ever thought of Aunt Linda in that way! Yet, I couldn't help but stare at her ass and even as I did so, I could feel my manhood stir. This troubled me greatly. How in the world could I be having sexual urges toward my aunt who was nearly 30 years older than me?! I quickly tried to dismiss it but didn't have much success because as I stood there staring at Linda's ass in those denim shorts (which were wonderfully short revealing her gorgeous thighs) I could hear her talking but I wasn't listening. I finally just had to turn away and seat myself at her table.

As I sat down, Linda stood up and set the two loaves on the top of the black glass-top stove to cool.

"Want some lemonade, Tom? I just made it this morning and it's ice-cold!" Her deep brown eyes sparkled as she grinned at me and it was then I noticed that she had on a loose fitting plaid shirt, probably an old one from her former husband. For being an older woman, I found her damn sexy that evening.

"Uh... yeah, sure! That would be great."

I watched her get the pitcher from the fridge and pour a glass.

"Aren't you going to have some too, Linda?"

Just as I asked that, I felt like a dummy. On the counter by the toaster was a tall glass of burgundy. I had forgotten that Linda was a wine connoisseur and often liked to have a glass or two in the evening. From looking at her state of dress, I guessed she wasn't going out for the evening.

"Here Tom, before I forget again!"

She handed me two envelopes. I opened the one that said "Open this one first!" first for the obvious reason and found a nice card inside that had a very sweet note from her about how proud of me she was. I then looked up at her and saw her nodding her head, causing her shoulder length brown hair to sway with the movement another sexy thing for some odd reason on this oddest of days.

Inside this envelope was a handmade coupon of sorts. It read:

"Good for one evening with your favorite aunt which will be an evening of fun and delightful food!" She had drawn cute pictures of two people at a dinner table, plates with steaks upon them, and what appeared to be tickets lying on the table next to the plate. I looked up at her with a questioning look...

"Aw, Linda. You don't have to do that. I didn't want a gift from you I was glad you came and that is enough for me." She knew I meant it and that is what is neat about our friendship.

"I know. It's nothing huge I just thought I could take you out for dinner and we could maybe see a movie or a concert. After all, I just happen to have two tickets for Aerosmith's concert tomorrow night in Watson...." She grinned devilishly on the name 'Aerosmith' as her voice trailed off she knew they were my favorite classic rock band!

"Aw, Linda!!! You DEFINITELY should not have done that! How did you do that anyhow? I thought they were sold out!"

She grinned. "eBay, my young man... eBay! I bought these three months ago!"

I couldn't help it I jumped up and grabbed her, giving her a huge hug and she hugged me right back, giving me a small kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, Tom. You know I love that band as much as you do. Why, I remember when those songs you call 'classic rock' were 'New Releases'! Do you mind sharing an evening tomorrow with your old auntie?"

We both laughed on that one. She knew the answer before I enthusiastically nodded my head with a monster grin on my face.

So, we shared some bread and lemonade with Linda having a couple more glasses of wine. Before we knew it, it was dark and the clock chimed 10pm. We had been watching a movie while talking and it wasn't until the clock chimed that I noticed that Linda had dozed off on the end of the couch. But I also noticed that her shirt was gaped open a bit since I was sitting in the chair to her left.

The odd feelings rose once more within me. I leaned forward a bit and sort of spoke/whispered her name.

"Linda? Are you awake?"

She didn't answer. So, I leaned forward a bit more and out of hormonally driven desire, tried to see inside her shirt. It was then I noticed that she was wearing a low-cut bra and that a lot of cleavage was revealed. Guiltily, I felt my manhood stir and begin to harden. What was happening to me?! Here I was, perving out on my own aunt, trying to see her tits and yet feeling unbelievably guilty for doing so! Yet, I just couldn't help myself!


She stirred that time.

"Gosh, Tom! I must have fallen asleep. I'm sorry! I'm not good company am I?" She sat up hurriedly, not noticing that in doing so her shirt fell even more open. I now had a good view at what I was sure was the greatest secret treasure of all time Linda had a rack! Sure, it was a 47 year old's rack but those breasts were gorgeous and wickedly, I wanted to see more. It would just have to be a fantasy, I concluded.

She walked me to the door and hugged me again. But this time, she held me close for a very long time and when she looked up to me (she's only about 5'5) I saw 'something' in her eyes. I didn't know what 'it' was but I knew it wasn't the look an aunt normally gives her nephew.

"Tom, may I ask you something?" She still was embracing me and her.... It seemed odd but it felt so natural.

"Sure Linda. Anything, you know that...."

She paused, just looking up at me, her eyes locked into mine. For the first time in my life, I could see a depth to Linda that I never knew existed and had never thought of. For the first time in my life, she wasn't my silly aunt, my Mom's sister, or a friend. For the first time in my life, she was a woman of beauty and desire. Yet, I had to fight those thoughts.

Because she WAS my aunt.

But she just shook her head. "No, never mind. It wasn't anything... you better go, I guess. I've had a bit too much wine and if I keep looking at your gorgeous face I might just have to give you a big ol' kiss!"

"What's wrong with that?" I found myself saying! My god I surprised myself on that one!

She kept looking up at me and then, she reached her face up towards me as I bent down, figuring she was going to lay another one on my cheek. To my enormous surprise, she maneuvered her face so that our lips met!

I startled at the contact but by that time, she had her hand on the back of my head, pulling my mouth onto hers. I went with it I didn't know what else to do and it felt so... so... right. Her kiss was consuming and intoxicating. It was soft and warm and wet and yet again for the third time that night, my cock stirred in my boxers. My aunt was turning me on as only my girlfriend had ever done but even more so!

Then, as our kiss continued, I felt her lips open a bit and her small tongue press against my lips, searching for an opening. I obliged... I took her tongue into my mouth and sucked it gently. Then, as she pulled hers back, I probed her sweet mouth with my own tongue. God, I was getting harder by the second and I hoped she wouldn't notice! I tried to sort of lean back away from her so my penis wouldn't press against her abdomen but she would have none of it. She pulled me closer as if to pull my cock even harder against her lower belly. I was lost in time and space, making out with my aunt at the door as two teenagers would be doing this evening but I was doing it with a 47 year old relative with great tits and a very nice ass. What was I thinking??!

It was as if something clicked just then. Linda jerked back and had a shocked look on her face.

"My god, Tom! I'm so VERY sorry! I don't know what came over me it had to be the wine! My god, my god, my god! Please forgive me!" She was grabbing her shirt together and clutching it as if it might jump off her shoulders, her face reddened in embarrassment (or perhaps the flush of sexual feelings?).

"It's ok, Linda. It's ok, really. Please don't worry about it. Actually, if I'm being honest I really enjoyed it. It's a special evening so don't sweat it, all right?"

She just stood there, looking like some poor little hare that had been exposed to the world with nowhere to hide. Yet, in her eyes, I still saw 'something'... her lips were parted and I could see she was breathing heavily. I could still see 'it' in her eyes. And it was at that moment, I knew what 'it' was 'it' was lust. Linda was obviously as desirous for some physical interaction as I was, yet neither of us would admit it was desire for that interaction with each other.

At least not that night.

"Tom, please don't tell you Mom, ok? She would kill me if she thought I was seducing her son!"

And it was THEN that I knew that Linda was indeed all right with it. Because I heard her giggle at the end of the sentence. She stepped back towards me...

"I guess you better really go this time, ok Tom?" But she didn't open the door. She didn't just stand there. She stepped into my arms again.


I was breathless. I didn't know what to think. Should I keep thinking those shameful incestuous thoughts about fucking my aunt? Or, should I take the moral high-road and shut them down?

"Yes, Linda?"

My mind and soul were fighting each other. My mind wanted to run from the house; terrified of the evil that had been awakened within. Yet, my soul, my being wanted to stay with Linda. To kiss her some more. To taste her mouth and lips and to smell her perfume. To feel her hair and to be with her this evening. How did this happen???!! What was Linda thinking???

"Kiss me Tom. Please... once more, just like that, ok? If YOU say it's ok, then it's ok with me too. Please... kiss me once more and then you must go..."

I did not reply. I obeyed. And this time, the kiss WAS sexual. It was overtly sexual. Her tongue and mine danced to and fro in our mouths. She pulled me to her; I pulled her to me. My cock was rock hard and pressed against her stomach but I didn't care and it was obvious that she didn't either.

We kissed for nearly a minute that way. I could feel her breasts against my me, her bra firm and supportive, the globes full and round. I wanted to touch them would she let me???

Slowly, I brought my hands around as if to end our embrace but she didn't pull away. I had my hands on her waist then.... I slowly slid them up her sides, feeling the soft cotton of the shirt move and shift beneath my touch. Higher... higher... I could feel her ribs now and the softness of the skin beneath the shirt as my hands rose higher up her side, pulling in towards to front now... my hands were just beneath her breasts and yet, we still kissed... contact.... Her breasts were supported by the upper sides of my hands and yet, she did not pull away... so, I went all in.... I circled them with both hands and it was then that I realized how much of a woman Linda was.... They were even bigger than I first guessed....

I kneaded them gently as we continued to kiss and as I did so, Linda's hands slid off my shoulders and down to below my waist to grab hold of the tent in my cargo shorts... I nearly came then and there... She only held it fast, as if for support, but I could feel the urgency in her kiss. Her breathing was hard and deep, as was mine... we were both at near peak sexual arousal and something had to give... thank god, common sense won out.

Linda stepped back just far enough to break the kiss. As she did so, I allowed my hands to drop from her mounds but my eyes fell downward to look at her chest. It was then I saw her shirt was nearly agape and her bra was nearly fully exposed. It was a beautiful lacy thing, nearly sheer and I could see just the edges of her nipples before the shirt's material covered them. Her nipples (at least what I could see of them) were very, very dark almost black and yet her ample bosom was as white as snow. It was a delightful contrast to her tanned face, shoulders, chest and arms. She obviously left the top on when tanning.


I could only nod. Mostly because Linda still was holding my cock in her hands.

It was then SHE realized she was still holding my cock and let go with just the teensiest bit of faux embarrassment.

"Pick me up tomorrow at 5pm, ok? We want to get there early, don't we?"

"Sure Linda."

I stepped back toward the door, the tent in my shorts about to explode if I kept staring at her tits. I reached for the knob and pulled the door open just as she called my name one more time.

"Tom? You like these?" With that, she pulled her shirt open wide and smiled, revealing her breasts in all their glory tethered only by some lace and straps and a single front hook that made me marvel at how in the world those tits could be kept in check by such a small amount of fabric. Her nipples WERE enormous and VERY erect. She stood there with her hands on her hips, Wonder Woman style.

"Yes, Linda. I definitely like." It was all my tongue could say.

"Maybe tomorrow, if the concert doesn't go too long, we can kiss good night again. Would you like that Tom?"

I nodded my head as I watched Linda reach to the front hook, release it and let the bra fall away. Immediately, her breasts sagged but in a very sexy, mature way. The nipples were still erect, begging for attention which she began to give them, rubbing each one between her thumb and forefinger of each hand.

"Good night Tom."

"Good night Linda.... I'll see you tomorrow at 5pm."

I walked out the door awkwardly, heard her close it behind me and went to my jeep. It was going to be a long, long night....
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