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Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 02

To say my mind was confused as I left my aunt's driveway would be the understatement of the year. Even the cool evening air didn't help clear it – my emotions were running as wild as my imagination. First – she was my aunt – my own mother's sister; a relative and I just always knew that you didn't lust for a relative.

Until now.

I knew that it was wrong. Or – did I? Maybe I just 'thought' it was wrong? Yes? No? God, I was so mixed up. My cock was still hard and begging for release, preferably by Linda – yet, it had to be wrong... didn't it? Linda was old enough to be my mom – for god's sake, she was OLDER than my mom. But still – my body was not lying to me... she was HOT and beautiful and sexy.

And it was obvious she wanted me! I guess that was the most confusing thing of all – why would a beautiful woman like Linda make out with me like that? Expose her gorgeous breasts like that? For me that night, it came down to one thing.

The wine.

It HAD to be the wine. Never before had this kind of behavior came up between us. And, I knew she had had several glasses – she said so herself.

But still... something was there between us. I saw it in her eyes. I felt it in her kiss. I felt it in my own kiss to her. And I definitely felt it below the waist. I wanted to fuck Linda but not in a degrading way. In a loving – WAIT! Where did THAT word come from!?

And so, that was my head as I was driving back home. I was wrestling with all those thoughts and feelings as I pulled in the drive that night, noting the lights were still on.

Damn. I was going to have to go in the house with a huge boner. Hopefully, no one would notice.

I tried to quietly slip into the house but of course – Mom was still up finishing up some laundry. However, she didn't come out face to face or I know I would have just died. It was an erection I just couldn't hide and I knew she would see it. But – she didn't.

I mumbled a quick 'Good night' after blabbering that Linda had gotten us tickets for a concert and headed upstairs to my room. I heard Mom say her "Good night" as I was closing the door and thank god, I was alone. I started to off my clothes and then realized that I needed to grab a quick shower. So, I darted into the bathroom across the hall, quickly stripped (which was not as easy as usual due to the hard-on), and started the shower water as I brushed my teeth.

The tip of my cock brushed lightly against the vanity as I brushed and it was then that I began to casually stroke it. I really didn't intend to jerk off actually. I only wanted to feel better and I knew that rubbing myself would do that. Yet, as I spat out the toothpaste, my grip became even tighter yet on the shaft. I don't have a huge cock like you often read about. To be honest, I think those guys who brag they have a 10" inch cock or even an 8" are probably lying. Mine is about six and a half inches long and fairly girthy. I'm circumcised and I'm not shaved either. I do keep my pubes trimmed close but I'm not into that 12 year old boy look. Honestly – I hate shaved pussy too. I want my woman to look like a woman – not some pre-pubescent adolescent.

So, I stood there leisurely stroking myself, wondering if Linda was trimmed, bushy or – god forbid – shaven (although, I must admit I was wondering what her pussy would look like no matter how it was adorned).

The water was running hot so I stepped into the shower and it felt great. I released my cock and began to lather up with the body wash and cloth but still, my manhood would not be ignored. As I slid the warm soapy cloth down my abdomen and began to wash my genitals, I couldn't deny myself any longer. I placed the cloth on the hanger in the stall and began earnestly jacking off. My left hand delved down and began to fondle my balls – they felt very full and heavy, the wet hair matting somewhat against the skin. All the while, I was jerking my shaft... slowly at first (but firmly)... sliding my soapy hand up and back against the base of it... back forward and above the corona of the glans, the nerves sending delicious tingles to my brain... back... and forth.... Squeezing my balls, imagining that my hand was Linda's mouth suckling them, one at a time... back and forth... faster now... back and forth...

I leaned against the wall of the stall as my orgasm was rapidly approaching. The wall was warm and wet, feeling good against my back as I continued to stroke myself. My eyes were closed as I dreamed of Linda's naked breasts... her lips... her kiss... the feel of her hands upon my restrained cock earlier that night... back... and forth my hand went.... Even faster now...

Suddenly, I couldn't contain it any more. I felt like my balls and cock were going to explode.

And then – it happened.

The heat stirred in my sac and the 'feeling' crept up my spine. It was starting....

I jerked the shaft and pulled my hand tightly over the glans just as the first spurt of come spewed violently from the opening. A long, stringy glob of semen spattered against the glass of the shower door as I jerked harder still....


It was as if I was on automatic... my hand was pumping my cock angrily, jerking it at a rapid pace as my left hand simply grabbed both balls tightly and pulled them up to the side...

More spurts splattered against the glass... and then...

I heard my Mom's voice! She was just outside the door! My god! She must have heard me coming!

"Tom? Are you alright in there?"

But I couldn't help myself and I was powerless to speak. All I could do was keep jerking my cock, lost in the reverie of the orgasm. Even though my seed and fluid had stopped spurting out of the tip, my body was still wracked in the throws of ecstasy.


Still, I could not speak... my mind's eye was seeing Linda on the floor of the shower stall, sucking my cock slowly as my come drizzled from the corners of her beautiful lips, her tongue languishing over the glans and probing the hole at the tip of it...

"Tom? I'm worried, honey... I thought I heard you scream... are you ok?"

I opened one eye enough, still stroking my shaft at a slower pace, the head of my cock and hotbed of sensitivity.... I could see the door begin to open....

My GOD! She was coming in! Why couldn't I say something????

I tried to yell but my vocal chords just did not work...

In the midst of all this, my semen was slowly running down the glass of the door... my cock was still being stroked and I was holding my balls as if to let go would mean I would have them no more...

And in walked my Mom.

Just as I opened both my eyes...

She saw me playing with myself, my hand still relentlessly stroking my softening shaft. She saw the come on the door, slowly dribbling down the glass to the bottom and there was no mistaking what it was. It was pearly white come.

And - She saw the look of sheer horror and embarrassment on my face. She also got a good, long look at my cock - still in my hand, even though I knew that SHE knew what I had just done.

I wanted to just die.

"Oh my, Tom. I'm SO sorry..." Now, Mom was the one who was embarrassed. She quickly turned on her heel and darted out the door much faster than she came in.

I just stood there and finally let go of myself. I didn't know what to do... I was just sure I could NEVER face my mother again and I wanted to die just knowing that I had just had the orgasm of my life – by jerking off while fantasizing I was getting a blowjob from my aunt!

I figured I would be in therapy for years after this night.

I quickly finished my shower, turned the spray nozzle toward the door and rinsed my come off of it (the upstairs bath is shared by everyone), and dried off. I noted the redness on my shaft from the abuse/pleasure I had just doled out on it, yet my mind still raced.

Linda's face darted in and out of my mind... thoughts of her body, her kiss... then, thoughts of Mom seeing me finish an orgasm and knowing that she had seen my come on the same shower door where SHE would be showering later.... Embarrassment... shame... guilt... lust... and even for some odd reason, delight – wicked, evil, and incestuous delight (that doubled the shame at the same time) from the thought that my adult mother had seen me naked.... Why was I weirdly feeling erotic about THAT? What in the hell is wrong with me, I wondered...

Brushing my hair, I just kept thinking. And hoping. Hoping that I would never, ever see my Mom again or, if I did, that we would never talk about what had just happened. Hoping that I might get to kiss Linda again the next night and maybe – just maybe – get to touch her bare breasts and feel her nipples harden to my touch... and oddly..... hoping that maybe Linda might be thinking the same kind of thoughts about me as I was about her.

Was she? Was my Mom crying in her room now, sure that her youngest son was nothing but a masturbation exhibitionist with no intent on going to college? That he was only going to jerk off his entire life? As I walked across the hallway back to my room, I thanked god that my Mom was nowhere in sight. Quickly, I turned out the light, dropped the towel and slipped into bed – the cool sheets feeling great against my still warm skin. Since I sleep naked, my entire body was immersed in pleasure and in spite of the flagellation I had subjected my manhood to only moments earlier, I felt it begin to harden yet again. But, I needed sleep and decided to leave it alone – at least for the evening.

Perhaps tomorrow.... Amazingly, I had no clue how tomorrow was going to bring at that moment. And IF I had, I don't know if I might not have even dared to even get out of bed the next morning... Thankfully, sleep came quickly and my mind finally got some much needed rest.

Sunday dawned brilliantly – it was going to be a day of exceptional events, beginning with the sunrise which lit up my room with light as the sun leapt into the morning sky. For some reason – guilt? Shame? – I awoke shortly after the blinding sunrise. I quickly dressed, knowing that Dad wanted me to get the car washed that morning.

I always enjoyed washing our vehicles. I kept my Jeep spotless of course and tried to make sure that our family car (a big Buick) was kept nice as well. So, slipping outside into the cool but rapidly warming morning air (the weatherman promised record high temperatures for the day) I grabbed the car wash bucket and soap/rags, backed the car out of the garage and got to work.

I was still wondering how things would go with Mom when I saw her next. I didn't know whether to apologize or not even mention it or wait and see if SHE said anything and go from there... Once more, my mind was racing but at least I had the car wash to distract me.

As I went around the sides of the car and had my back to the house, I thought I heard the door in the garage open/shut.

I did – because the next thing I heard was....

"Tom? Honey, can we talk a minute?"

OMG.... It was Mom. And she wanted to 'talk'. I felt my face redden before I even turned around.

"Uh... sure, Mom. Wassup?" I twisted the nozzle shut on the hose and turned to face her.

As I said earlier, my mother has always been an attractive woman. That morning, the sun was shining brightly on her face and she was trying to shade her eyes a bit as she walked toward me. She had on sweats but even at that early hour, she had already done her hair and makeup. Dad was definitely a lucky man because no matter how you sliced it, my Mom is a beautiful woman just like her sister Linda.

She walked up to me and stood there, not speaking and actually seeming as if she was a bit awkward or embarrassed.

"Ummm... Tom... about last night."

Gulp. I think I just swallowed my tongue.

"Uh... yeah... what about last night, Mom?" I couldn't believe that NOW I could speak! Why not last night????

"Tom, I was embarrassed. Actually, at first I was worried. When I heard you yell, I thought maybe you had fallen in the shower or that you might have cut or hurt yourself. Then, when I called your name from outside the door and you didn't answer, I got even more worried."

Her voice trailed off a bit, as if waiting for me to acknowledge what she had just said.

All I could do was just look at her and nod, mumbling an "Um-hmm?"

She continued.

"So... Tom.... When I, uh... well, when I walked in and saw you... uh, doing... well, uh... what you were... uh.... doing, I just didn't know WHAT to do. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, Tommy... I really didn't mean to walk in on you."

Now, I was really feeling bad. Mom NEVER, EVER calls me "Tommy" unless she is being particularly protective or motherly. Here I was all worried for her and in the end, she was worried for me.

"Aw Mom, I'm sorry too. I surely never wanted you to see that...."

"Tommy, it's ok...." She stammered some more. "After all, it IS perfectly natural and people do it so I guess I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I interrupted you."

She then dropped her hand from her face. Her eyes shown bright and full as she looked me directly in my eye and had half a little grin on her face.

"Well, to be honest Tommy... from what I saw, it looked like you were done!"

OMG! She DID see the come on the glass.

She then surprised me even more. She reached up and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Don't worry about. It's ok, alright? It's not like I've never seen you naked before anyhow – you DO sleep naked and I've walked by your bedroom with the door cracked open and there you are – naked as a Jaybird! So.... Let's just keep this latest adventure of yours our little secret, ok?"

She laughed and walked away smiling. Me? I wanted to dig a hole and fall in it. But, in a way I was happy. At least we had cleared the air – well, MOM had cleared the air. And for that, I was grateful.

The rest of the day was uneventful other than Linda calling me to confirm what time I was picking her up. – 5PM. I showered and dressed early and then left to go to Linda's around a quarter till five. As I pulled up her drive, she was already outside. She had on calf-length jeans, a button up blouse that was a real light blue, and sandals. Her hair was pulled back in a sort of pony tail and from the driveway she looked like she could have been 16 – not over 30 years older.

Before my jeep even stopped rolling, she was walking to the door and then hopped in. I could smell her perfume – and it was very exotic; an alluring aroma that weakened my knees – and I was already seated!

"Got the tickets, Tom?"

I patted my shirt pocket. "Right here! Ready?"

She nodded her head as she reached to put a CD into the player on my dash. I should have known – it was Aerosmith's Greatest Hits.

"Figured we would get a head start on tonight! I'm so excited to see those guys!" Linda just bubbled. I was a little apprehensive at first, especially after the events of the night before but she didn't act like it even occurred, which was good. I figured, yep – it must have been the wine and she's completely forgotten about it. Good, because to be honest, I wasn't sure if even I wanted to think about it again. At least, that was what I thought until Linda spoke again.

"Hey, Tom?"

We were now heading back toward the highway to go to Watson. The air was warm – hot actually but I had the A/C cranked in the jeep and the soft top on so it wasn't too bad.

"What?" I fiddled a bit with the A/C just a little nervous where she might be going with her next sentence since the tone in her voice was one of those 'we should talk' tones Mom had had just hours before.

"I just thought you might like to take a look at something..."

"What Linda?" I was staring back ahead at the traffic.

Something in her voice when she said "This!" made me look towards her.

I nearly ran off the road! She had unbuttoned her blouse by nearly all the buttons and was holding it agape exposing most of both breasts to my hungry eyes. She was NOT wearing a bra! She grinned evilly at me.

"What do you think? Do they go with my outfit?" She then reached in with her right hand and lifted her left breast out and clear of the fabric. Gripping the nipple between her finger and thumb, she lifted her ample breast by the bud, dangling her breast so to speak from the nipple as she pulled it away from her chest, swaying it a bit in some erotic movement by the nipple.... all the while staring at me intently.

In the background, I heard the opening guitar riff from "Walk This Way" begin to play on the CD Player...

I noticed that the nipple had stretched and hardened at the same time but couldn't look for long - I was still driving. But -I HAD to look away or rearend the guy slowing in front of me. My god - my aunt was indeed picking up where we had left off less than 24 hours ago - and this time, there was no wine.

"So, Tom... what do you think? Do you approve? Hmmmm??? Ha-ha-ha..."

I could only try and grab another quick stare as she released her nipple, her breast then collapsing back against her chest and jiggling as she buttoned her shirt up a bit.

She reached over and patted my thigh while I mumbled something like, "Nice?".... I could feel my manhood stir as I struggled to retain control of the jeep. It was then I realized that I needed to concentrate on my driving! But how could I? My aunt had just shown me her gorgeous and exquisite tits, fondled one in front of me and laughed about it? How in the hell could I be expected to drive????

Yes, it was going to be a strange night indeed....
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