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Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 03

Actually, the rest of the evening was great but essentially uneventful physical wise. Of course, having my aunt flash her exquisite breasts at me was a decidedly wonderful experience but I did begin to wonder how much further we could go?

I mean, kissing and teasing were one thing – but would we ever... you know... actually 'do it'? Or even if that kind of opportunity would present itself, COULD we actually 'do it' – get naked and fuck like rabbits - or would our minds come back to our senses and then we would back away? Those sort of questions kept racing through my mind while we had a great dinner (steaks of course with all the essentials) and then headed on over to Watson for the Aerosmith concert.

All though dinner, while Linda sat across from, she acted as if nothing had even happened between us. Our conversations were light and airy; mostly about our favorite bands and songs, about college, about her divorce (just a little), and for the most part about how I was so grown up. Not once did she mention the event at her house that night nor what she did in the Jeep on the way to the restaurant but there WAS this mischievous twinkle in her smile that I saw and an ornery grin that I KNOW I saw once in a while.

But I was too scared to mention our previous deeds – partly for fear that to be overt about them might jinx the chance of repeating them (since they just sort of 'happened') and also out of sheer embarrassment because if I DID start thinking about what had happened, I knew a full blown erection would ensue. And then, THAT would be awkward – especially while trying to walk out of the restaurant!

So, we had dinner, went to the concert and watched the boys rock the house down and then headed home. By this time, it was nearly midnight and honestly, I think we were both pretty tired. Since my jeep has bucket seats up front, Linda didn't really have a chance to sit close – if she would have anyway, I didn't really know. I must admit that it would have been nice to have her sit close if for no other reason than I might have had a chance to at least feel her close to me. I could not forget the feelings I had when I held her close that night at her house when we were kissing.

It was a magical sort of feeling... one that I hoped to feel again.

In the midst of my thoughts, Linda spoke.

"Tom? How about we stop at the root beer stand and grab something to drink?"

"Sure! That sounds great!"

There was a little root beer stand only about 2 miles from Linda's house that has the absolute tastiest root beer and hot dogs you can imagine. It was a favorite hangout for everyone and especially young people on the weekend who wanted to show off their cars. Tonight was no exception. The place was packed and it took a couple of passes to even find a parking spot. But, we did finally find one so I backed into the spot and turned off the key.

A cute little waitress came up to my window.

"What'll it be, hon?"

I looked over at Linda with that "What would you like?" look on my face. She spoke.

"I'll have a large root beer float!" Mmm... that sounded good.

"Make it two," I said. And with that, off went cutie-pie to get our order.

"Tom?" Uh-oh. There was that "We need to talk" tone of voice. This might not be good.

"Uh... yeah?" I turned to look at her.

"Do you believe in fate?"

"You mean... as in things happen for a reason? Like, something was 'meant to be'?"

"Yeah... exactly. That's what I'm thinking about tonight. This has been a perfect evening and it seems so natural and peaceful. Oddly, I don't feel like I'm your aunt and you are my nephew and we're out just doing something. For some reason I can't explain – I feel like this was meant to happen; that we're SUPPOSED to be together on this night doing what we're doing.... That it was 'meant to be'... does that sound silly?"

I honestly didn't know where she was going with it. Partly because I didn't understand the whole 'meant to be' thing as it related to she and I. And mostly because I noticed she had unbuttoned her shirt halfway down her cleavage while she was talking and I could now see the soft white mounds and the contrasting skin tones of her chest and breasts. I was certainly distracted.

But it was at that precise moment, I saw that same grin and same twinkle in her eye that I had seen earlier at the restaurant. And – it was the same moment our waitress returned with our floats.

I paid for the drinks, we slurped them down (all the while my eyes were like magnets trying to attach themselves to Linda's nearly open shirt – yet she acted like nothing was different), and continued to just 'chat'. It was driving me nuts.

I turned my lights on and another waitress flitted over and grabbed the tray. The Jeep started and off we went, back into the dark night for the brief jaunt to Linda's.

I pulled in her driveway and shut the vehicle off. The evening was warm and quiet with only the night sounds to be heard as we just sat there in silence grinning at each other. "Well, Tom – ya gonna walk me in?"

"Sure, Linda."

We got out of the Jeep and headed up her walkway. For some odd reason, I felt REALLY weird at that moment. What should I do? I mean, after all – it was obvious (or WAS it?) that she had playful times in mind but then again, what if she didn't? What if she was just teasing me to tease me? What if my own Mom was in on this and asked Linda to test me? God – I was really getting weirded out to think that!

Linda opened her door with the key and a twist of the handle and we were in. Of course Killer came running up delighted that finally someone was home to pay him some attention.

"Make yourself comfy while I take Killer outside to do his duty, ok? I'll be right back."

I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV while Linda ushered the dog outside. Nervously, I flipped channels, not really seeing anything and wondering where the night would lead at this point.

In a moment, Linda and Killer were back inside. She spoke from the kitchen.

"Tom? I've gotta go pee and I'll be right back, ok? Don't run off – I've got a couple of CD's I want you to hear that you can take with you, ok?"

"No problem, Linda... I'm in no hurry."

Killer came and jumped up on the couch beside me as I semi-listened to her shut the bedroom door. Knowing how her house was laid out, I knew that she would be using the master bath room..... Hmmm... I wondered if she was going to change 'into something more comfortable'? Argh! There I go again – driving myself nuts. I chose to flush that kind of thinking from my mind just as I heard the toilet flush from behind the doors and went back to seeing what was on Speed Channel.

I heard the door open from the bedroom but didn't turn to look as I was watching a rerun of the big auto auction from back in January. But – when Linda came into the room, something made me look her way. I was glad I did.

She stood in the doorway with a glass of wine in her hand (when and where did she grab THAT?) and had removed her jeans. She also was wearing a different shirt but it was much longer. It kind of looked like a man's flannel shirt (maybe it was?) but because it was so long, it came down to mid-thigh. And those were delicious looking thighs...

"I was tired of those jeans – way too tight anyways. So, I put on my 'robe'! Hahahaha! I hope you don't mind?"

Mind? Mind? ME Mind? She looked like a dream come true and she wanted to know if I minded? If nothing else happened, just seeing her in that shirt would provide enough fantasy for the rest of my life.

She came over towards me and started to sit beside me but then paused. Shushing Killer off the couch, she stood in front of me.

I didn't move. I wasn't sure if I COULD move...

"Are you nervous Tom?"

I just licked my lips and looked into her eyes. Was this going to be THE night? I nodded my head just a bit...

"Aw Tom... you don't have to be nervous..."

She then placed her right knee beside my left thigh on the couch and straddled my lap, placing her left knee beside my right thing. Then, she sat down upon my lap – my god, if we were naked, it would have been the perfect position for a good fucking.

"Do you mind if I sit on your lap, Tom?" Her eyes had the 'look' again.

"Of course not, Linda..." While I had hoped my words would come out manly and seductive, I think I sounded a bit like Mickey Mouse.

She turned around to sit her glass of wine down on the coffee table while still seated on my lap and her shirt fell nearly open as she did so. Only the bottom two buttons were holding it together but at this point it might as well not even been on. Her left breast was completely exposed to my view, its nipple erect and puckered, begging for my lips to do what my eyes were already doing – covering it.

She then turned back around and put her arms around my neck and upon my shoulders.

"Tom? Would you finish unbuttoning my shirt?"

Realizing I still held the TV remote in my hand, I tossed it aside and did as she asked. After opening the buttons and seeing the material fall apart to each side, I saw that she still had panties on – cute low-cut pastel blue panties with two very tiny pink flowers on the front. And – I could see shadows of her vee.... My god... I just realized that I was already hard as steel.

She then leaned in and kissed me full on my lips. Our tongues immediately sought out the other's and light, sensual moans escaped from deep within us. Her hands played with the back of my head and hair... my just continued to hold her sides but only for a bit.

"Tom.... It's ok. You can touch me."

I needed no further encouragement. With that, I reached up and inside the folds of her shirt to grasp her bare breasts.

I broke our kiss for just a moment because I wanted to see her breasts clearly. She leaned back just a bit in agreement as my hands plied the warm tit-flesh. They were mouth watering. The skin was soft and delicate and their shape was profoundly sensual. They were heavy, very heavy, filling almost as if they were milk-laden. Yet, a couple of tweaks of the nipples between my fingers and thumbs proved that theory incorrect – they were just magnificent tits.

I hefted them from side to side. I swayed them left and right, smacking them together at times and enjoying the sights and sounds of doing so, all the while Linda's eyes were locked upon my face and a delicious grin was upon hers. She was enjoying my enjoyment of her body.

My hands continued to caress her breasts. I brushed my palms against her nipples which were works of art in themselves. They were a very dark brown, almost black. And thick. And long – very long. After I had pulled and tweaked them, they stood out from the base by almost three fourths of an inch. The areola were not oversized as you often see... they were only about two inches in total diameter and were actually overshadowed by her enormous nipples.

I couldn't keep from staring at them in amazement - while my cock felt like it was going to explode. Yet, I didn't feel like I needed to fuck Linda; at least not just yet. I wanted to see every inch of her body.

She spoke.

"Suck them, Tom... please?"

I didn't answer. Leaning forward towards her chest as she leaned into me, I pulled her left teat to my mouth and pulled its nipple in against my tongue. The texture was beyond description... rough, protruding, smooth, exotic, erotic... I suckled her nipple like a starved newborn baby while Linda closed her eyes, soft 'Mmm...mmmm" sounds escaping her lips.

Switching hands, I leaned over to suckle her right tit, its nipple leaping into my mouth and upon my tongue. Again, I tried to bring milk from where there was none but I was rewarded with her hands on the back of my head again, pulling me into her chest as she ground her nipple/tit into my face while I sucked her.

I felt Linda shift her position and slide her crotch down against my member – uh-oh. My god, the sensations! She was overtly rubbing herself against me! She then pulled back a bit as her tit plopped from my mouth.

She stared into my eyes.

"Tom... that feels so good. Your lips are wonderful and you sure know how to please a woman. Did you enjoy it?"

I didn't know how to respond. It almost felt like our fun was over from the way she said that.

I decided to be completely honest. Amazingly, my voice worked.

"Linda, you are by far the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Did I enjoy it? Couldn't you tell?" I cast a gaze down at my erection, easily visible in my shorts.

She smiled.

"Yeah... I kinda thought you did. What would you like to do now?"

Once again, I was at a loss for words.

Linda dropped her arms to her side.

"Remove my shirt Tom, ok?"

I slowly reached up and pulled the shirt down off her shoulders, admiring her body even more. Finally, I could see her entire chest as she reached back behind her and let the shirt fall to floor around my feet.

Sexily, she hefted her breasts with her hands as if to offer them to me. But she surprised me – she bent her neck and head over while lifting her right breast to her mouth and amazingly pulled the turgid nipple into her own lips. A sexier sight I had never seen before.

I leaned back against the couch and watched Linda suckle her own tits. While her mouth pulled and sucked her right nipple, her left hand squeezed and hefted her left breast, tugged its nipple, pulled and pinched the flesh. Her eyes were closed and she was once again ever-so-gently rubbing her panty covered pussy on my cock. Linda was lost in lust, as I was lost in watching her...

Not even opening her eyes, she started to switch her mouth over to her other breast but paused... She spoke with eyes still closed, her right nipple wet and shiny from her saliva...

"Tom... please... rub my thighs..." She then went back to suckling herself, repeating her motions of before.

I began to rub my hands up and down her soft thighs. With each pass, my hands came nearer and nearer to her mound. I watched as she backed away an inch or so from my erection, her crotch now completely in my view as I stared at the dark vee beneath the panties. I wondered what her pussy looked like...

Feeling no resistance from Linda as my hands went on up her thighs, I decided to become bolder in my moves. Reaching the leg openings of her panties, I began to slip my fingers inside....

"Mmm... yes... touch me, Tom..."

I could feel the hair on her cunt against the backs of my fingers. In a blink, I had the backs of both hands' fingers against her mons, its hair intertwined in them. Her pubic hair felt coarse but not too long. She obviously kept it somewhat trimmed because it felt to be about a half to three quarters of an inch long. Yet, I still had not touched her labia – would she let me? - so I didn't know how that area was.

I didn't even know it but Linda had stopped her breast ministrations and was watching me adventure into her panties. I looked up and saw her simply nod...

"It's ok Tom. Touch all you like..."

She then leaned back a bit and reached her hands behind her, placing them upon my knees. Her tits were now fully in front of my view and her crotch was even more visible.

I pulled my fingers out and then reached for the waist band. Pulling it downward as far as I could, I saw heaven...

Her pussy was breath-taking. It was hair covered all the way as far as I could see and I could just see the top of the slit with the edges of her inner lips protruding just a bit. I wanted to taste it....

I continued to pull her panties down as much as I could given our somewhat awkward seating position. Freeing my right hand, I reached in to touch her womanhood. It was warm. It felt so tender and soft... the lips yielding to my caresses as low murmurs came from Linda's mouth... I tried to pry her pussy-lips apart a bit but wasn't very successful – the panties were just too restrictive. I did notice though that it appeared I wasn't the only one with an erection – her clit was large! Almost a good half inch long, its pearly pink/white tip was clearly visible now that I had somewhat splayed her cunt open a miniscule bit. She saw me staring at it.

"What do you think Tom? Is it too big? My husband said it was gross because it is as big as it is..."

"Linda – it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Your husband was an idiot."

"Thank you Tom. Thank you..."

She sat back up and reached down to pull my hands from her crotch. Now, it was time for me to worry again. Was this it? Was this where it ends for us?

"Tom? I need to stand up a bit, ok?"

What could I say? No? I just leaned back against the couch and watched Linda get up from my lap. She stood before me with her hands on her hips, her nipples still glistening in the light.

"Let's go back to the bedroom Tom, ok? I think we'll be more comfortable there."

With that, she turned, picked up her glass of wine and reached for my hand.

"Come on, baby. I've got an idea..."

I could only hope...
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