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Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 04

The earliest part of dawn was beginning to creep through Linda's bedroom window when I awoke. At first, I wasn't even sure where I was or what I was doing. Was that a dream? Did I actually just have the wildest of nights – with my own aunt? I leaned up on one elbow and rubbed my eyes, trying to get what felt like a pound of sand out of each of them. Glancing at the clock on the nightstand next to me, I saw it wasn't even 6AM yet. I knew I needed to get up and head home, figuring my parents were wondering where I was at but then I remembered the concert – that seemed like it must have happened a week ago, not just last night – so my parents probably figured I just crashed on the sofa here at Linda's since we would be getting back late.

Yeah... I crashed alright. Right in Linda's bedroom. Looking around the room, I saw things that began to bring back the memory. On the floor were her panties – I remembered holding them in my hand after I had slid them off her legs, marveling at how delicate they were and how they smelled sweet and pure. Over on the back of the leather chair were my pants – that Linda had pried down after she had barely been able to get them over my erection. My underwear was on the floor beside me – with Linda's lipstick marking them in several places. And Linda was softly sleeping beside me, lying on her side with her back to me, completely uncovered with her beautiful ass almost visible in the soft morning light. That exquisitely sweet behind... yeah.... THAT'S what I remember most of all... but this is how it ended.

Let me tell you how I got to this point and why my tongue was actually a little sensitive... here goes... Linda had led me back to her bedroom. I loved watching her shapely figure move seductively as she walked before me, her curvaceous bottom jiggling and then tightening with each step, her bare back smooth and creamy in the light, her hair bouncing slightly with each step. Linda's legs were beautiful; her calves firm and well shaped and her thighs actually had a slight gap between them that was noticeable when she stopped to sweep her arm in towards the bedroom, inviting me in. As I walked by her, her nipples brushed my upper arm and she giggled.

"Tom! You did that on purpose, didn't you?!"

I stopped at the doorway and looked back at her smiling face with a silly grin on my own and then I let my eyes slowly travel down her chest and breasts, on down to gaze once more at her erect nipples.

"Yeah... I guess I did..."

"Good. You're learning what I like... I like that in my lover!"

I was for a moment taken aback – her 'lover', did she say? Up to that moment, I had not thought that we would do much more than some heavy petting or oral foreplay. I guess the word 'lover' had completely different connotations, some of which that made me feel warm and apprehensive, yet that were incredibly erotic. Her 'lover', eh... the night just kept getting more and more interesting with each passing minute.

I turned back away and stepped into her bedroom. It was decorated nicely with a soft glow coming from the lamp on the nightstand. There was a leather chair in one corner with a small table beside it. A big dresser with an attached mirror (both trimmed in what appeared to be either very dark oak or mahogany) and a chest of drawers over next to what looked to be twin doors to a walk in closet. Of course, the usual pictures and other lady-things adorned the room, including a quilt rack that had several woven throws across its rungs. I heard the door close behind me. And then, I heard her secure the lock. Hmmm... I wondered why she felt the need to lock the door? Who else might be around that would possibly just walk right in? After all, the front door was already locked.... Odd, I thought....

It was then I felt Linda walk up behind me and pull me back into her as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I reached down and wrapped my arms above hers but then she pulled free and slowly slid her hands down my abdomen... to the waist band of my pants... she popped the button and fumbled for just a moment with the zipper. My god... in seconds, my aunt was going to have her hands on my shaft and it was ready to explode without her touch! My knees were about to buckle as I felt her pull the zipper downward, freeing my turgid member which was now barely confined by the underwear. I felt her then lower my pants on down and nudge me to step out of them. I complied. Willingly. It was then that Linda gently had me turn to face her as she dropped to her knees before me. My heart felt as if it was going to explode in my chest and my cock bounced slightly with each rapid heartbeat.

Linda now was at eyelevel with my shaft, her hands upon the sides of my thighs as she leaned inward to press her head against my left thigh, just barely an inch or so from my still lightly restrained organ. She reached her right arm around my leg as her left hand slowly – almost at a snail's pace – began to softly slide up the insides of my thighs... closer and closer to the material that was doing a poor job of restraining my eager tool. My eyes were closed... my head was leaned back slightly... I felt her nudge me as if to get me to part my legs a bit so once more, I yielded. Her left hand was now resting just below my sac and she slowly nudged my testes with the back of her hand. Her right hand was now near her left and I felt her face move in tight against my erection while at the same time her left hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed them. At the same time, her right hand began softly stroking the skin on the inside of my thighs, just as I felt her lips against the side of my cock right at its base. I felt her teeth on the shaft through the material as she brought her left hand on up to hold it from moving away all the while cupping my balls in her right hand from behind. Her mouth, teeth and tongue now moved slowly from the base of my member, biting, sucking, licking it through the cloth until she was at the end of it. She paused there, taking the cloth-covered glans into her mouth to suck and gently bite around the head of it. I felt my seed stir and she sensed it as well, placing a firm grasp on my shaft with her left hand as if to pinch it off – it had the desired effect. I didn't come in my underwear.

Then, realizing she had stemmed the tide, she then swung on around and moved back down the opposite side, repeating the same ministrations as she held my cock now with her right hand. But now, her right hand was back to my thigh and I felt her fingers begin to snake up and under the cloth. I felt her nails dragging oh-so-seductively across my lower abdomen beneath the material and then felt them hit the dark hair near my balls. Without pause, she gently grasped them, her hand completely inside the cloth and I once more about went off. Sensing it again, she released her grip on my nuts and pinched the base of the shaft, driving me wild. Her bare hand was now solidly on my cock and I was about to collapse. I had forgotten that her mouth was once again on the end of my cock. The material was soaked with her saliva and I could feel her tongue working the opening of the head, driving me delirious once more. She paused and then put both hands upon the waist band and began to pull them down. There was no resistance by me. My cock bounced free as the elastic swept down off it. As she neared my ankles with the underwear, I stepped out of them, naked completely having lost my shirt earlier.

"Tom, would you mind lying down on the bed?"

I turned and took the few steps to her bed, knowing that heaven was waiting. She had already turned down the comforter and sheets. Not silk sheets, just very nice high thread count cotton that were cool and clean with some small print effect upon them. I lay down on my back and waited. She came to the same side of the bed and got up on it but on her knees. She then straddled my waist – but was facing away from me. Then, she slowly backed up as she dropped to her hands, her panties just inches from my face now as she lowered her face to nuzzle my testes with her lips. My arms were trapped beneath her legs but her pussy was just a Hanes away from my tongue and I wanted to taste it oh so badly. She then lowered her crotch even further... it was now almost on my chin and I could smell the deliciously sweet scent of her womanhood.

"Tom... lick me... lick me through my panties, ok? I've restrained your arms on purpose, Tom. Use your mouth, your tongue, your lips... use your imagination, Tom. Just do it... you will know what to do..." When she finished speaking, I felt her hands upon me – one upon my sac, gently kneading my balls and the other holding my shaft firmly upward as she encircled it with her mouth. My cock was now in her mouth and it was all I could do to even breath, let alone not cum. Yet, I complied. Her panties were a breath away from my tongue and I began to lick. I found that the folds of her cunt-flesh were pliable and easily discernable beneath the fabric. I could even ply the lips apart a bit as I probed bolder and bolder, trying to tongue fuck her through the material. At the same time, my attention began to falter as I felt her head begin to bob and felt her tongue/mouth begin earnestly sucking my cock. I had to stop licking her crotch... I HAD to come.

I began to thrust back into her mouth and she purred as she not only sucked me harder and harder, she began to jack the shaft. She wanted me to come now... Her throat seemed to have no end but it was tight and hot... In and out... In and out... I fucked her mouth in earnest now; my orgasm was not going to be denied... In and out my cock went... In and out of her mouth as she nearly swallowed it whole... I could feel the back of her throat with the head of my cock on each thrust... she slurped hungrily and sucked the head before ramming it back into her throat again and again and again and again...

The semen began to boil in my insides; my balls were churning liquid fire as Linda continued to try and suck them from their wrinkly sac up and out through my cock... In and out... In and out... hotter and harder... sucking... licking.... Jerking...


Really. I exploded a torrent of semen into her mouth and yet, she kept sucking and jacking me as I equally kept fucking her throat. I felt several hot spurts of come spew wickedly from the hole at the end of my cock, hitting the back of her throat... I thought I felt her swallow most of it but I found out later that some had escaped her lips and ran down her hand (because I watched her lick it off her hand moments later)... It seemed to last forever but it ended way too soon... Still, she sucked me but gentler now... She licked the sides of the shaft... she licked the base of it and the dense hair that surrounded it... she licked my balls, even tonguing them gently as she slurped and suckled them... and she even gently sucked the head of my cock, searching furtively for any remaining semen, all the while being careful to avoid the hyper-sensitive spot on the top of the glans that was my trigger point....

I felt my member soften only a bit as she stopped licking and simply lay her head on my right thigh... She held the shaft gently but firmly, slowly sliding her hand (I believe it was her left one) up and down the slippery flesh-pole, causing it to remain firm...

"Tom... you were delicious..." I couldn't speak. An orgasm does that to me it seems.

"Unnhhh...." It was all I could manage. She rose up a bit and moved her legs, freeing my arms. After I pulled them free, she pulled her legs in close again to my sides as she slid her ass back again to my face.

"Tom... Do what you like but my panties stay on – for now – ok? Just make me happy Tom. You'll know what to do..."

"Ok, Linda. Sure..."

She was lying peacefully upon me. I could feel now her nipples against my abdomen – they felt hard. She simply was holding my cock now as if it were a trophy or a keepsake; not stroking it or licking it... just... holding it close to her face. I could feel her breath upon it. I reached back behind me and pulled a pillow up under my head. There. That helped a lot! My face was now only an inch or so from her saliva covered panties and I could see the dark folds of the labia beneath them and I wanted to see them unfettered. I placed my hands upon her buttocks, admiring their firmness. Linda's ass was exquisite; full and round but supple and inviting. I slid my hands on down over the mounds to the inside of her thighs. Hooking my right thumb beneath the leg opening, I was able to pull the cloth aside and finally – FINALLY! – I was able to see what I had been hoping for. And it was even prettier than I had hoped for. As her cunt was revealed, it seemed to open timidly, almost like a spring flower at first dawn.... The delicate inner lips were nestled snugly between the darker out lips. The outer lips were smooth and shaven up to just near her clit which was standing out proudly now in all its glistening glory. I reveled in her beauty. Linda purred once more and wiggled her bottom closer.

"Suck me, Tom... suck me...OOOOH!"

She didn't need to ask again. My tongue was THERE! At first, I wanted to probe her feminine depths so I did. I licked each fold of her slit... I probed her vaginal opening as deeply as I could, swallowing what precious tastes I could glean from her secretions... her taste and smell were intoxicating... I licked upward, towards the perineum and then beyond as she arched her back to bring her delicate pink anal ring down toward my tongue... I probed it's velvety skin and pried firmly into her anus... she relaxed her sphincter a bit and allowed me the privilege of tasting her sweet, sweet ass... a pleasure I had never before enjoyed – licking a woman's anus... I felt my cock hardening again but this time, Linda was ignoring it although she still gripped it gently... I tongued her anus for a few minutes and listened to her moan with pleasure...

"Oh god, Tom... that is SOOOOO good... oh god... yes... that's it.... Ooooohhhh... right there, Tom... yes.... Oh my god...."

I pulled back away for a bit and swallowed the saliva in my mouth. Gazing at her ass that was still mostly covered by the panties, I was mesmerized by the look of the skin from her anus to the perineum and then the beginning of her vaginal opening all played together as one beautiful part of her body. I wanted to suck her, to eat her, to have her secretions inside me... I licked her perineum again as I dove downward to find her clit. Sensing the direction I was going, Linda moved her rear upward a bit and back, allowing me full access to her clitoris. As it slid into my mouth, I marveled at its size and majesty. I had only before seen pictures – and they were rare – of women with oversize genitals or clits. Linda's was not freakish or overly large. But – it was definitely huge. As I began to suckle it gently, she murmured even more...

"Ahhhhh... that's it, Tom..... keep that up... oh.... Oooooohhhhh.... Tom... "

I found the right amount of sucking and licking that she wanted.... Her clit was even more erect now, its presence in my mouth was unmistakable... she began to ever-so-gently grind her mons against my chin...

"God, Tom... mmmmm...... ohhhhh... yes.... Yes..... yes...."

Slowly, I began to increase the rhythm and alternated sucking gently with licking her clit. In moments, I felt her body begin to tense...

"My god, Tom.... Ohhhh.... I'm going to come Tom..... yes... yes... yes... YESSSSS.... YESSSSS! OH MY GOD!!! NNNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

It happened quickly then. One second, I was in control of what was happening – the next; she was on full orgasmic-auto. She was violently fucking my mouth now with her clit and labia. I pressed firmly against her as she fucked my face and chin, moaning and crying out, arching her back upward and pressing her clenched hands down into the sheets as her orgasm wracked her body with delight... fluids seemed to gush from within her vagina as her secretions were smeared on my face and into my mouth... hungrily, I tongued her vagina and tried to suck her womb from her body.....

"NNNGGGHHHHhhh.... Yessssss... ohhhh......."

And then – it was over. She collapsed in a heap back upon me again, her cunt still splayed open before my face as her panties were soaked in both perspiration and sexual fluids... It was a view I will never, ever forget. Her labia were reddened and swollen... the opening was visible and I could even see the end of her urethra.... Everything glistened wetly.... We lay like that for several minutes.... I don't know if she slept or what but she did not move a muscle... my cock was against her cheek but it was as if she didn't know it was in the room... she needed to recover... I knew that it could not get any better than this. But – I was wrong...
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