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Post Forbidden Seduction

by Fantasy Kiss


It started about three years ago. I was about the age she is now, 19. I'm not sure why I began to notice or exactly what caused it to come about, I just knew that I couldn't and wouldn't ever think of her the same way again. I dream about her sometimes; sleep and awake. I think it's her scent. Not that imitation scent created through expensive designer perfumes. Rather the scent that comes naturally, the one that can subtly flood the senses with each touch, each hug, and each kiss...

I would watch my sister, Chris. I would watch her laugh, smile, talk, eat, and move. I watched as she grew more and more beautiful, as she became a woman, physically and mentally. But it was what happened a few weeks ago that made all my lust and wanting come to a head. I was presented with an opportunity I shamelessly took advantage of.

Thursday- 3:30 am

I was coming home after a night with the boys and I saw the light from the television flicker in the next room. Going to turn it off, I saw her lying there asleep. She had a small blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She wore only a T-shirt. One leg was draped over the edge of the couch and the other was bent against the back, leaving her open and exposed.

Of course, my dick began to twitch. Looking at her face, clam and peaceful and looking at the patch of blue panties peeking out from under she shirt, just beyond my touch made my cock grow even more. Kneeling beside her, I gently began caressing the soft inner skin of her thighs. Bending low I rubbed my cheek against her thigh, her skin was so soft. I just had to kiss it. And I did. Softly, quietly, I kissed my way up..up..up..up her thigh.

Deep within the valley between her legs, I stared at her cotton-covered pussy. The top of her T-shirt brushed my hair, I was so close. My dick pulsed in my pants. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply, savoring her essence, her scent, her puss. Pushing the T-shirt higher up her legs, I reached up and slid my fingers inside. It was warm underneath, and slightly moist. Pushing the panties aside I finally got a view of silk strawberry blonde curls. Tracing the outline of her pussy lips I slow spread her open.

Her little pink clit came out to greet me, but I wasn't interested in that. At least not yet. Aiming lower, I found that little opening. The source of so many wet dreams. Moaning, I buried my face inside her pussy, wrapping her lips over mine and smelled her. I just had to taste. Like a cat bathing, I softly licked in and out, around and around, from side to side, from the top to the bottom, eating, tasting and finally sucking on that sweet little clit. And she felt it.

Slowly, but surely she began to leak. Releasing her bud, I drank the juice offered to me-- her pussy juice. I was making her horny. I was making her crave sex in her sleep. She was getting ready for me, although she didn't know it. Scooping up pussy juice on the tip of my tongue, I slowly twirled my tongue, lubricating her clit and sucked the juice off again. This is when she moaned. This is when her hips pushed against my mouth, burying me deeper, this is when she spread her thighs wider, lost in her dreams. This is where I ate some more and where I sucked harder.

Her hand came down and collided with my head. Moving out the way, I let go of her snatch and watched as her hand instinctive found her pussy opening and thrusted two fingers inside. She tried to turn her body, but I was in the way and that is when she woke up. Reaching my hand up I rested it against her stomach and pushed her back down, I located her clit and sucked it. She grasped. Her whole body went ridged.


Ignoring her, I continue with my treat. Licking my tongue between her fingers buried in her cunt. Licking the juice between her fingers and the top of her pussy. I ate and moaned, letting her know how much I was loving it. Lifting my head, I pulled out her fingers and sucked the juice off. Meeting her stun, yet aroused, eyes. I said, "shhhh it's ok. It's just us. I won't tell. But please, let me smell you, let me eat you. Let me suck while you play with your pussy."

By this time, she was shivering. She watched me, indecisively. She watched me as I licked her juice from my wet lips, she watched, she moaned and closed her eyes as if trying to deny what she was about to do. Her right hand reached for my head and pushed me back down as her left fingers went right back inside her snatch, losing themselves in her heat. It was the first thing we did as a team in a long while. She fingered herself and I sucked all the pussy juice she could provide.

I knew just when it got too intense. Her fingers went deeper, her body became more tense. Instead of the two fingers she started burying four inside her cunt, applying more pressure, making it harder for me to hold on to that little clit. So, I let go. Removing her hands, I replaced them with my own, sliding in three fingers, deep. She opened her eyes and saw me staring at her pussy with lust. She cried out for God.

Smiling I said, "He's busy right now. Try Scott for now."

Reaching under her body I lifted her up and pushed her T-shirt as high as I could to expose her breasts. Thrusting my fingers in, I massaged the top inner walls of her pussy, rubbing my palm against her clit with each inward thrust. Then I dived for her nipples with my mouth.

"Scott," she cried, as she tired to push my head away. But I had to get at those nipples. I had to suck and drink, hoping that she would feed my hunger as the tightening of her pussy was feeding my lust. Four fingers now. I nearly buried my hand inside her cunt; milking it for all it was worth until she exploded. And this time it wasn't God she called for, it was me. Burying my face in her neck, breathing in her scent, I continued to shove my hand deep inside her cunt over and over as she came, making it hurt. I hand fucked her harder and stronger with each shove and she loved it. From side to side she rocked, eyes closed, moaning and panting. It was beautiful. I laid with her until she calmed down. In a shy, almost scared, voice she said.


Lifting my face from her shoulder, I pulled my hand from her pussy. Looking down I saw that it was coated with her cunt juice. Bringing my hand to her lips, I traced her juice around her lips. Leaning forward I licked it off and softly kissed her. Looking into her uncertain eyes, I smiled and whispered. "I won't tell."

I got up and left, heading toward my bedroom. I needed to relieve some tension. Making a B-line to the shower, I proceeded to jerk off under the warm sprays of the water and remembered. I remembered her scent and her taste. It was the most intense jerk off I've had in a while.

Friday- 8:30 am

The next morning she was at the kitchen table having her breakfast. Mom was on the telephone and dad was reading the morning paper. Common family scene, but there was nothing common about the lust I felt toward my little sister. Our eyes met the moment I walked through the door. She quickly turned her head and stared down into her plate. A slow blush spread across her cheeks.

Well, at least she didn't hate me. "Chris?"

Still looking down at her plate, she responded, "yes?"I'm going away this weekend and I know you have that paper due soon, so feel free to use my computer. Okay?"

Nodding, she continued to eat and avoid me. Mom walked over and kissed me on the cheek, telling me to enjoy my weekend with Susan, my current girlfriend. I smiled my thanks and looked back at Chris. Still seeing no response I left the kitchen, gathered my things and left for my weekend.

* * * * *


My heart has never beaten so fast. Never have I been embarrassed, ashamed, and aroused at the same time. I couldn't get the moment of Scottie's mouth sucking me, eating me, out of my mind, especially since he appeared to love it so much. Just the thought of it had my pussy tightening. Just the thought that he was my brother and it was forbidden made me tighten in pain.

But it doesn't matter. He was probably just horny. Once he has this weekend with Susan, he'll probably will forget all about me. Which is good. Afterall, it isn't right, despite how it feels. Well, at least I get to use his computer rather than mom and dad's. Scottie had much more fun stuff on his.

12:15 p.m.- Monday

I just now finished my project, which was due tomorrow, when I decided to see just what was new on Scottie's computer. I went through a few new games and listened to his latest additions of bootlegged MP3s when I decided to explore his "My Documents" folder.

Opening it, I saw that he had the usual college papers and assignments. Apparently, he also had some hidden folders present that he forgot to tell the computer to hide. Scanning the list, I saw the majority of them were appeared to be sexual in origin. But that didn't surprise me, what did surprise me was a folder labeled with my name. I clicked it. Inside were a series of word documents labeled 1, 2, 3, etc. all the way to 13. Clicking on the first one, what I proceeded to read blew my mind. This is what it said:

Chris and her little friends were outside by the pool today. They all were very cute, but it was my sister who drew my attention. Like always. I don't know why I want her so much, maybe because she's beautiful and I love her. I take comfort in knowing that although I can't control my feelings, or that constant ache in my dick, I can control my actions.

If I were smart I would stop drooling over her and concentrate on her friends. I know that at least one has a crush on me so it wouldn't be hard, but I can't. It's hard for me to think of them that way. I've known them as long as she has and I see them as little sisters, which is weird considering the feelings I have for Chris.

Chris. I can just imagine what it would be like to fuck that tight little puss. Her strawberry blonde curls are just begging to be caressed and parted. If I had my way, I would wait for all her friends to leave. When they leave, she likes to sit in the hot tub next to the pool and relax. I would join her, wearing my swimming briefs. The ones that haven't fit right since I was 15. She wore a crimson red bikini. I would call her name. Her eyes would open and connect with my tightly covered crotch, made worse by my hard on.

She'll gasp when she sees it flex under the material. She'll watch as I slowly lower myself into the tub, slowly hiding my body from her view until we are eye to eye. Her breathing would be out of control and she would whisper my name. Calling me and begging me to come closer, she'll reach out her hand and slide it down my chest. Then she'll say.

"Hey big brother. I need you to do me a favor."

"What?" I'll ask, harder than ever.

"I want you to teach me how to fuck."

Pretending to be surprise, I'll say," you want to make love?"

"No," she answers. "I want you to teach me how to fuck. I want you to use me and let me use you. I want you to stroke my body, flip me, turn me, ride me like I was some bitch you met on the street and not your sister. I want you to teach me how to fuck for the sake of fucking."

"Are you a virgin, Chris?"


"Then I should be gentle. There is no gentleness in fucking.

"I can handle it."

I knew she couldn't. She was too small. Too innocent, but the look in her eyes wasn't innocent. And my lust for her preferred for me to believe she wasn't.

"I don't know, Chris. I love you and all but, you are my sister. It is hard for me to consider you in that fashion," I would say, knowing I was lying my ass off.

"What could I do to change your mind?"

"I don't know. Think of something."

She stared at me, deep in thought. I could tell she had no idea where to begin. Apparently making a decision, she moved toward me. The water swirled around her breasts, detailing the hardness of her nipples. Covered in red triangles, the shape of her breasts were extremely sexy. They were just the right size. Not to small, not to big. If I wanted, I could swallow them whole.

Stopping directly in front of me, she told me to lick her. Leaning over, I licked a path along her neck, down to the small round birthmark on her shoulder, covered slightly by her bikini strap. It was so cute; I covered it and began to suck. Maybe I could make it darker.

Leaning back, I looked her in the eyes and told her to lower her top and feed me with her breast. Untying the back, the straps fell and her dark nipples came to view, so very suckable.

Wrapping my hands around in the back of her head, I pulled. She screamed as I bent her backward until all I could see were her shoulders and her breasts, resting high and proud. Diving in, I sucked one tip and then the other, back and forth, raining kisses in-between each mount. I loved her breasts. I could suck on them up all day. She moaned, softly crying out yes's.

Reaching down, while sucking her breast I slipped my hands passed the triangle between her legs. It was so small it buried itself into her pussy. Her hot lips where so eager they were sucking everything they could inside her body. I spread her right leg and lifted her thigh over my hip, opening her body to the hot water. She cried out, and cried again as thrusted my fingers into her puss. The fabric of the bikini, caught between my middle and fourth finger hindering me from plowing deep. But it didn't stop me from trying.

She moaned as I hand fucked her, deeper and harder with each thrust. Her pussy was so tight. At first, I couldn't get pass the opening. The more I pushed the tighter she got, but she wanted to be fucked, and if she couldn't take my fingers she sure as hell couldn't take my dick. I pushed and pushed and pushed, and she opened. She cried, but I didn't care. I pushed as hard as I could, thrusting three fingers at once, entering deep despite the bikini bottom.

My dick was so hard, I thought I was about to explode and the water swirling around my shaft didn't help me in keeping control. Removing my fingers from her puss and releasing her hair, I looked into her face as she stood straight. The tears on her face nearly broke my heart. What was I thinking? I was about to apologize until I saw the look in her eyes. She liked it. She loved it and she wanted more. Maybe the pain added to her pleasure. I don't know but I did know I needed release.

Sitting up, I moved out of the tub and onto the edge, I reached in my briefs and pulled out my dick.

"You want me to fuck you, Chris? Suck my dick first. Please me and then I'll please you. The more you give me, the more I'll give you. The better you are, the better I'll be to you. Deal?"

"Yes," she said it as if she was uncertain, as if the site of my cock brought forth reality. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed as much as she could.

Wrapping her hands around my base, she sucked the head of my dick, swirling her tongue, swallowing from time to time as the precum dipped from my tip. She was pretty good for a beginner, wrapping her tongue around my shaft and siding down sideways from cock tip to cock base, burying her face into my sack.

It felt good, I couldn't help but moan my approval and the more I moaned, the more eager she became. Once she started getting the hang of it, she loved it, and it showed. She got better and bolder with her tongue, with her hands, with her mouth. Sucking my balls gently pulling one sack in her mouth and then the other.

She worked her way to the top, sucking as hard as she could, almost as if trying to suck the cum right out of my dick. I felt like a straw. Then she did something that surprised the hell out of me. It wasn't the action, but the feeling behind it. She reached passed my balls and licked very very hard.


Cum shot out of my dick like a rocket, shooting into the air like a fountain, and coming down landing with loud splats into the water and on our bodies. When I looked down, I saw some had landed in her hair and was dripping down her face. Smiling up at me she asked.

"Fuck me now. Please."

Leaning forward I lightly kissed her mouth and asked, "Which hole?"

I bolted from my chair. My heart was pounding and my pussy was in pain. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Scott has been writing stories about me. I'm sure if I read the rest; they will also involved intense sex between the two of us. I couldn't read anymore. I didn't need to. I was so turn on I was on the edge of cumming at the very thought.

Which hole?

Which hole, indeed? Burying both hands into my pussy, I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed, imagining Scott over me and in me, fucking me with his dick, making me scream his name. Fucking me and fucking me until I came and then fucking me while I came and after I came, just fucking my hot wet tight pussy. I could almost hear him calling my name.

Falling from the chair, my hips jerked back in forward and my body rocked in orgasm. I lost all sense of who I was or where I was. Therefore, it took me a second to realize someone was licking my mouth in soft slow motions. Opening my eyes, I looked into the face of Scott, my bother. Busted.

* * * * *


She was sitting at the computer. Staring so intensely she didn't noticed I entered the room. From her breathing, I could tell she was somewhat excited over something, which was confirmed when she raised each leg and rested them on opposite sides of the table. At this point, it was clear she was masturbating and my dick was instantly hard. Dropping the bag onto the floor, I came closer and looked at the screen. She found my stories. She knows what I've been thinking about her and she's turned on. She wants it. She wants me to fuck her like I want to fuck her.


"Ahhhhh" she cried. "Say my name. Yes, yes, fuck me Scottie, fuck me hard, Scott Scott Scott."

She was rubbing and thrusting her fingers so hard she made the chair rock, until it began to tilt. I didn't make it in time to stop the fall but I was there when she landed. Lying down beside her, I rested my head on my hand and looking down, watching her as she returned to reality. Leaning forward, I softly begin licking and kissing my way across her lips.

She opened her eyes and grasped. Pushing me away by my chest she used her legs to push herself away from me and moved across the carpet. Oh no, I wasn't ready to let her go. Rising to my knees I grabbed each leg and pulled her forward as I knelt between them. There is something about the sight of a woman's thighs spread open for entry that is so sexy. Just when she was close enough I dived back in and kissed her. Hard and wet. She moaned as she closed her eyes again and turned her head to the side, away from my lips, whispering "God help me."

"Maybe he already answered your prayer. Let me help you Chris, let me help you cum, let me watch you cum. You're so beautiful when you pussy twitches, when you call my name."

Moving my left leg to the outside of her right, I was able to lay on top of her, with her right leg slight pressing on my cock and my right leg pressing into that still hot and juicy puss. Her breathing was returning back to normal but she still refused to open her eyes. Kissing on her neck I softly began to grind my knee into the hole of her pussy-in, out, up, down, around and round and in and out, milking it, milking her pussy with my knee. She was so wet I could hear the sounds of wetness slap against my pants leg. There will be a stain in the morning. A moan came from her lips and I sucked on her ear. I sucked it like it was her pussy.

I twirled my tongue in little circles deep within the hole clockwise, then changing my mind I twirled it counterclockwise, she grasped. I licked and sucked on the whole part of her ear from the very tip to the bottom lobe. It was the sucking sound, the heat, and the wetness that turned her on even more because she knew I was substituting it for her puss. She knew the sounds that I was making as I sucked and nibbled on her ear were the same sounds I would make when I again sucked on her pussy. The more she moan the harder, I pushed my knee into her.

"NO. NO. NO Scottie this isn't right!" she nearly yelled. It was as if reasoning came back for a moment, but she still made no real effort to stop me. If fact she even helped in the grinding process by opening her thighs wider.

"Do you want me to stop? Do you want me to let you go with that ache deep in your puss? Do you want me to leave you on that edge of wondering like I wonder every night what it would be like deep inside you as I stroke and fuck every inch of your pussy with my cock. Do you want to go back to your bed alone, knowing I'm right down the hall willing to do anything and everything to your body that you crave? Do you want to go and fuck yourself, all alone, without my heat to keep you warm? Without my fingers, my tongue, my cock? Will you try to fill yourself only to feel frustrated when you can't because your fingers aren't deep enough or thick enough to find that spot deep down inside?

"Scottie?" her frustration was clear. She sounded on the edge of tears. "Scottie why are you doing this?"

"Because I want you. I've wanted you for a very long time, and there is nothing I could do, no one I could fuck that takes away the thirst I have for you. That is what I go through every night, Chris, wondering and lusting. Do you know how many women I've fucked named Chris? How many women with your height and your built that I've bent over cars, tables, chairs and an occasionally bed, loving them, fucking them, all the while dreaming of you?"

"This is wrong. I'm your sister."

"Of course it's wrong. That's what makes it even more delicious baby sis. And you know. You want it too, you want it just as much as I do, and you liked the forbidden-ness of it. You like the fact that even though we aren't suppose to, we can get as nasty and freaky as we want. Parts of you want to break out of that shell of good-girl-ness and become what is hidden deep down inside."

"What are you a psychologist now?"

I had to laugh. "No, I'm just guessing, but you still want it."


"No? No? Then why were you turned on by my story, my dream? Why were you calling my name? Why didn't you stop me that night from eating you out? Why are you still in my arms allowing my knee to fuck your cunt, your puss, your fuck hole? (she grasped at that last one) You know damn well that you could have left anytime you wanted. You know that if you really attempted to stop me, I would stop. I love you Chris. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you or anything you don't want.

She was silent. She still didn't move but she did begin to cry softly.

"Okay, Chris baby. I understand. This isn't easy. So, I tell you what. You give me a little something, I'll give you a little something, and then I'll let you go. Okay?"

Silence. Finally she turned her head around, opened her eyes, and looked me in the face. She answered.

"Okay""All I want now is a promise. I'll help you ease that ache you have now and then I'll let you go if you promise me one thing."

"Yes?""Next time I see you, when I ask, you'll allow me a kiss.""That's it?""Yes, Chris. That's it."


I reached over to her sides and picked up both her hands. I placed them on my head, where she began to bury them in my hair.

"Hold on," I said as I went down between her legs for my salty favored treat.

* * * * *

The next few days I backed off. I didn't attack her every time I saw her, or flirted or did anything to even knowledge that last night. I didn't want to scare her and I didn't want her to feel pressured or ashamed. She needed time and space to think and figure out what she wanted. So, I gave her that. She soon saw that and began to relax around me more and more. She stopped avoiding my eyes every time I sort hers out and she finally stopped blushing every time I walked in the room. However, I did like the blushes. I like the idea that I could walk in a room and her body temperature instantly rose.

This went on for a few weeks, after a while things were like they were before. We talked, we laughed, and she even went to the store with me once or twice without our parents. And while this was good, I didn't want her to get too comfortable, I didn't want her for a moment to think I forgot her promise.

Occasionally, when she was relaxed around me I would take her hand in mine and lightly stroke her palm. She would become quiet, but didn't pull away, at least not immediately. The hand is a very sensitive body part. It's the primary instrument we use to feel. If you put just the right amount of pressure, a soft pressure, you can make a woman wet in 2.5 seconds. But for it to work there has to be some form of attraction and she was attracted. I watched as we would sit at the dinner table, with her hand in mine, as she sat utterly still, almost afraid move almost forgetting to breath sometimes. And she was aroused, each and every time. I would massage her palm for a few minutes and let her go just to remind her that I remembered and I knew she did too.

4 weeks later- Saturday 9:45 p.m.

One weekend, dad rented movies, a common weekend ritual at our house. Dad took his place on high back leather chair, mom had the love seat and me and Chris had the three-seat sofa bed. The sofa was rather wide so no one thought much of us lying side by side on it. Her back was to me as we both watched the screen. I usually rested my head on the chair's arm and see over her head.

It was a bit cold that night so we all had covers. It was no problem to slide my hand around her waist and soft stroke her belly. She tensed at first, then relaxed and let me touch her. I stroked and stroked. First, up toward the bottom of her breasts. I stroked down, toward the top of her shorts, even below that to the V between her legs. She turned more toward me and spread her legs just enough for me to slide pass her shorts and into her panties.

I hear my father snoring to the left of us and it didn't take much to confirm that my mom was knocked out too. Then she did something that surprised the hell out of me. She turned toward me completely and we laid there staring into each other's eyes. She rose and pushed me onto my back and kissed me. She kissed my neck, licking her way across my skin. She raised my shirt up to my neck and licked her tongue around my nipples. My nipples are actually very sensitive; she sent a shock through my system with that one.

Raising and looking at me she asked, "Do you want that kiss now?"

"No. You can kiss me if you want but I'm reserving my kiss for later."

She proceeded to move her hand down my stomach, passed my shorts, passed my briefs. My cock soared straight up at her first touch. She watched my face as she pulled my dick out and stroked it up and down.

"I had a dream last night."

"About what, Chris?"

"You and me."

"What happened?"

"I was taking a shower and came in wanting wash my back for me, I said yes. You soaped my body with your hands, my back, my butt, my thighs, my breast, and my pussy. You were going to make me cum again, but I felt guilty because you were always making me feel good. So I stopped you and I..."

I held my breath, excited that I invaded her dreams too.

"What? What did you do?"

"This," she said as she took my cock in her sweet young mouth. My hips jumped of the couch.

"Oh shit!" I nearly shouted but the memory of my parents stopped me in time. Instead I laid and watched in awe. This was happening. This wasn't a dream or story. Chris was about to suck me off. She moved liked her mouth was a pussy and she was getting pleasure with me inside her. Cautious I looked up at my mom to make sure she was still sleep. In fact, I kept my eyes on my mom because I was afraid if I continued to watch Chris sucking on my dick I would come and it will be over too soon. So, I watched my mom as my baby sister sucked my dick.

She was pretty good, she could be great with a bit more training but I wasn't complaining there would be time for that later. She moved slowly at first as if unsure. She grabbed me at the base of my cock and moved her hand up to the top where her mouth sucked on the head of my penis. Then she pulled back and I saw a line of wetness leading from her mouth to my cock. Her saliva, perhaps? No, precum. She licked out her tongue and tasted my tip, the hole where my cock juice dipped. I guess she liked it because she swallowed the tip some more. Her throat moved like she was drinking it, drinking me.

Driving deeper, she stroked my cock up and down, adding a bit of variety with twists and turns. She went down to my balls and softly licked around the edges, occasionally taking one in her mouth and sucking on my balls, one then the other, massaging it with her tongue and mouth. The heat was incredible. All the while she jerked my cock, squeezed it, bent it, licked along its sides. Up and down, over the top and back down the other side. She remembered, she remembered my story.

The she tried to swallow as much of me as she could when sucking me. With each downward suck, she took more and more of me in until I almost completely disappeared into her mouth (ok, so I peeked a little now and then). Then as she came back up, her teeth lightly grazed the sides of my shaft, just right, not enough to hurt, but just enough to make me shudder.

This time I was the one who buried my hands in her hair and held on for dear life as the pleasure began to build and the urgency came closer and closer. She noticed that my hands moved compulsively in her hair, she noticed my breathing became harsher and my effort for control became harder, she noticed my hips moving upward, thrusting to meet each downward sucking of my cock. She, in turn, sucked harder, sucked faster, until her mouth couldn't do what her hands could. The she turned and spread her legs over my face. I could smell her arousal. She hovered over my face, just close enough to see how wet she was, but not close enough for me to taste or touch with my lips. She pumped my cock, pumped and pumped and pumped, and I blew. I lost any control I had and turned my head and buried my face into the pillow, trying not to scream as I spewed all over her hands.

When I came down, she was kissing on my neck. My juices all over the both of the couch and us. I turned and she kissed my lips, smiling like the cat who at the canary.

"I'm not the only one who likes to call for God, I see."

Ha. Did I really call that name? From the glee on her face, I did.

"Yeah well, I knew you would be worth it."

She smiled and she got up and left. I laid there exposed and wet and marveled at what just occurred. She was ready. She was finally ready.

I heard my father snort, a clear sign he was about to wake up and I tuck myself back in my shorts, got up and went to my room, thinking about what should be my next move.

* * * * *


Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I can't believe what I just did. I can't believe it. I gave in. I gave in. I sucked him off on the family couch with mom and dad right there. Oh god if they had of woken up all hell would have cut lose.

I fell to the floor of my room just as the door closed, and buried my hand into my crotch and rubbed. My pussy was in pain it was contracted so tight, the pounding was unbearable, there was almost no pleasure, just pain, pain, pain, and then finally, pleasure. Oh god I'm cumming, cumming, cumming with my juices all over my hand, mixing with the sperm also in my hand. His sperm, oh God. I can't breathe. I can't…

I sat back up of the spot on the floor where I landed, thinking I've lost my mind. The orgasm was very intense. I've been having a lot of those lately. I sucked him off and I was good. Just like in his story.

This time I listened while he called my name. It was so powerful; I felt so powerful, so dominating and so sexy, all over the fact that I made him lose control. God what a feeling, I can see how this can be addictive.

The door beside mine closed. Scott's room. He's in his room. What should I do, should I go to him? Will he come to me? Do I want him too? Do I want this? Yes. Yes. I want this. I loved what just happened, and he's right. The fact that we could have been so easily caught made it more exciting. Tired, I crawled to my bed and laid there in delight, until I fell asleep.

Sunday 11:15 a.m.

Morning. What time is it? After 11? Damn. Jessica is coming at 12 to go to the beach. I got up and ran to the shower, then quickly changed into my favorite crimson bikini. Grabbing a towel and a T-shirt on my way out, I barely saw Scott's door open until I was almost right in front of it. We both stopped and stared. He smiled. I couldn't. It was happening again. Lust. He walked out his room. I didn't know that I was moving, that I was going backward until I hit the back of the wall between our rooms. He was looking me over; staring at my breasts and how my top fitted my curves and stretched as my nipples harden. He looked down at my bottom, which was getting wetter by the minute; thank God it was waterproof.

He looked back into my eyes and smiled. He liked. He said, "I think want my kiss now."

"What now? Here? In the hallway? Are you crazy?"

"I could have asked the same of you last night."

I felt the heat flood my face. God I was blushing again. I gotta stop doing that.

"I know. I'm sorr—"

"Don't! Don't ever tell me you are sorry for what happened. Do you regret it?"

Sighing I said, "No. I should, but I'm not. But Scott I do have to go. I want to get something to eat before Jessie comes."

"I want my kiss. I want it now. You promised."

Sighing again, I said okay and lifted my mouth to his. He pulled back.

"What? " I asked.

"I don't want to kiss you there. At least not now."

My pussy, or puss as he likes to call it, twitched.

"Scottie, you can't eat me out in the hallway. Please."

"Hmmm. As lovely as that sounds, I don't wanna kiss you there either."

Ok, at this point I was confused as hell. What other places could he be talking about? Well there is ONE other place, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I guess I made a face and he knew what I was thinking because he laughed and said.

"No, I know that's not something you would be into so don't worry. Your bottom is safe from me."

I relaxed. But where else, what kind of kiss is he talking about?

"I want to kiss these," he said as he ran his hands down my bikini top, cupping my breasts and massaging gently. "I want to kiss them and lick them, like I would your lips. I want to suck on your nipples like I would your tongue. I want to play with the tips like I would your clit and I want to make you even more wetter than I know you are this very moment."

Damn how does he do that? Shock me still? Why does he talk like that? Does he read books something? This can't be real. How can he so fucking good and not have women lined up outside out house everyday? Or maybe I'm just horny. Yep. That's it.

"Scottie…" I started, again about to protest when he said.

"Oh shut up will you," and began kissing the valley between my breasts.

Ok, I take that back. He's not THAT smooth, and I have to admit I'm somewhat tired of playing the voice of reason. We both know this is going to happen. Oh god, his tongue. He kissed me just like he said. I pushed my top out the way, giving him more of my right breast. He licked all around it making me completely wet, nibbled and bit. Oh god. He placed my nipple between his teeth and softly applied pressure, sweet agony. The pain heightened the pleasure. I think I'm going to cry. It's too intense. His other hand played with my left breast squeezing. I'm softly mewing like a cat. Oh god. He squeezes and twists my left nipple and sucks and bites the right, not too hard, never too hard just right. Oh god, my pussy, my pussy.

"Yes, your pussy, I can't wait to have it, " he responded.

Shit, I'm talking aloud. He laughed at that one.

"Scottieeee. I can't I can't."

"You can't what, sweetie?"

" I need. I need you. I can't wait. Please, please fuck me."

"You're ready? Are you finally ready?"

"Yes, damn it. Pay attention!"


"Noooo. Now. I need it now."

"Chrisssssssss? Jessie's here!" said my mom from down stairs. Shit, what is she psychic?


"Oh God, I hate you," I panted. He laughed again.

"You hate me or God?"



"Yes. Tonight."

"Okay, go Chris."

And I went. Down the stairs, pass my mom, into Jessie's car. All I could think about was tonight.


"Mom? Is Chris back from the beach yet?"

"No, sweetie."


"Okay, I'll be back. I'm going rock climbing."

"Be careful, Scott."


"Where's Scottie?"

"He's rock climbing, dear."

"When will he be back?"

"I don't know."




"She's back yet?

"You just miss her, what is it with you two?"

"What do you mean, mom?"

"You two are acting like best friends? What is going on?"

"Oh I don't know. I guess we are growing up. That's all."

"You're 22 and you're just now growing up?"

"Ha! Better late then never!" I kissed her on the cheek. "I'll be in my room."

She came home just in time for dinner. I don't know if I was relieved or even more frustrated. I've been hard since she walked out this house this morning. I made it a point not to masturbate, which was hard as hell. When I cum, I wanted to cum with her, and on her, all over her body.

I heard her run into her room, probably to change. I went downstairs. I didn't trust myself to be alone with her. She came down a few minutes later. It look like she took a quick shower while she was up there. She smiled at me and took her place at the table. Conversation was polite and tense. How our parents didn't notice is beyond me.

I excused myself immediately after dinner, claiming I have a report in political science. I needed space. I spent my time on the Internet, watching television, killing time. At one point, she went to her room. I had no idea what she was doing, probably the same as me-- waiting. It was around midnight that I heard a knock on my door. Damn, she beat me to it. Nevertheless, I liked the fact that she came to me. It made it feel like she owned up to her decision to let this happen. I wasn't persuading or seducing her when she didn't want to be seduced.

I opened the door and she entered. She didn't say anything she just kissed me. It was as if a dam broke inside me, and for a second I lost all sense of control. Lust took me over. I ripped the top of her night grown and it lowered it to her hip. I picked her up and practically threw her ass on the bed. It was her calling my name in shock and fear that broke me out of my trance. I felt shame.

'I'm sorry."

Apparently, I was wrong. She wasn't scared at all. She was excited. She jumped up and dragged me on the bed with her. It was as if we were animals. Biting, clawing, ripping, sucking, fighting. She was rougher with me than I was with her. Soon we both were naked, with no articles of clothes to protect one another from each other. The marks she left on my body will take at least a week to heal.

Sitting up, I wrapped her thighs around my hips and we sat in the bed with her facing me and I facing her. I winded my hands into her hair and tug her head back so I could sucked on her neck. She smelled so good, sweet and clean. We kissed and I rubbed my dick against the opening of her pussy, our juices intermingling, making the glide wet, sticky and smooth. The heat from her puss was so intense I swear it was going to melt my dick. Oh yea she was ready.

I bent her back some more and sucked her tits like I did this morning, only harder. She cried out from pleasure. I know they had to still be a little sore, but I really didn't care and if her pushing me closer was any indication, she didn't either. Ever see a virgin in heat? It's an interesting mixture to watch-- uncertainty mixed with awe and excitement. Eagerness that exist only because of lack of experience. She'll do anything you want just to please you, just to prove her worth despite the inexperience. But, I wasn't going to use that knowledge to my advantage just yet. I did want her to love this. I wanted to guarantee that she would indeed come back for more.

I laid her back and proceeded to lick, eat, taste. She moved and moaned, rotating her hips against my dick, wanting to be filled, wanting more of her big brother's cock. She wanted it deep and a little hard, maybe even a lot. She just dripped pussy juice. I could hear the wetness of her puss slapping against my cock. She held on to my ass, riding what she could, calling my name, asking for more, begging.

When, she asked, when? When are you going to do it? For weeks you've been tormenting me, making me want you, making me ache. Please when you are going to fuck me Scott? When? Now, I want it now.

But, I wasn't ready to give it to her now. I leaned back and turned her over and licked and bit my way down her back, touching her, exposing her, her neck, her back, her ass, the crack of her ass—inside. Her pussy, her thighs, the back of her knees, her calves, her feet. I ran my hands on every inch of her skin and back.

"Please, Scottie. Please."

I pulled her to her knees, it's gotta be doggie style. I pulled her back until her ass met my hips. This way I can go deeper, faster. I know I should be gentle. I know I should be patient but my patience ran out when she entered this room.

"Scottie, I need you. I want you. Fuck me."

And I did. My entry was slow and deliberate. It was hard at first but her wetness helped. Slowly I pushed and slowly I went it. Her pussy expanded for my cock, warm and moist, wet and tight. More and more of my cock it took, sucking it in. Her pussy sucked me harder than her mouth ever could, milking me, fucking me. I moved deeper and deeper until I couldn't move any more. I was only half way it. She had to have more, so I pushed, and she screamed. The harder I pushed the louder she became. But it worked. More and more she took, inch by inch I glided in that soft velvety pussy. In and in. I pushed her head down into the pillow, lifting her ass higher, fucking her deeper. The more I thrusted in, the more she opened up. Each thrust was deeper than the last. Each fuck was better than the last and the better it got the more she called my name, the more she screamed for my dick, and the more I fucked her the more she wanted and the more she took.

The bed moved. It bounced with each push, each thrust. Fortunately, it wasn't directly against the wall so there was no banging to wake our parents. But the movement of the bed, helped us developed a rhythm. Ohhhhh she moaned. Ahhhhh she cried. Yesssssss I panted and harder I fucked. Faster and faster we moved. Her pussy was no longer so tight, but more and more juicy by the second. The pleasure rose and I came closer and closer to cumming by the second. Soon all thoughts of her went out my head as I focused on the goal of nutting. And I did. Just as my body tensed. I shot my load deep inside her. I heard a distant cry as I realized she was cumming too.

Battling to catch my breath, I tried to focus as my body turned to rubber and I had no energy to move. Sliding out of her body, I moved to the side and fell on to the bed. All I wanted was sleep.

When I woke up, she was staring at me. Her hair was a mess, tingled and knotted.

"Where do you go from here?"

"Where do you want to go?"

"Well…. I don't want it to just end. I mean I had fun, but…"

"But, this can't go on forever. One day you'll meet someone and things will change. Of course, I expected that. Besides, You can't exactly bring me home to mom and dad and expect a real future."

She smiled, "Yeah. But what about Susan?"

"Good question. We have been drifting apart lately. I don't think we'll make it"

"I'm sorry. I'm happy I don't have to share right now, but I'm sorry you are having problem."

"No sweat. Let's just ride it out and be very careful. You should still date, as will I. But late at night when you got an itch that just won't quit, I'll be here."

"That sounds like a plan. So, was I all you dreamed about?"

"You were amazing. Now stop fishing for compliments and come here."

And that's how it all began, my sister and me. Of course she will met someone and so will I, but until that day comes, I wonder how many places in this house we can make love in without getting caught. I always did wonder if our parent's bed was as comfortable as it looked.
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