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Default Lesbian Teens in Detention!


"You are here early. Eager to get started are we?"

Miss Kay walked into the room and over to Louise. The pretty bully was sat patiently at the front of the room, her hands clasped and on the table, a piece of paper folded and placed on the desk in front of her, the girl smiling up at her teacher.

"I am early, aren't I?" Her smile seemed genuine but worrying. "Miss Kay, it was deliberate; I wanted to talk to you before the other girls got here."

The teacher walked slowly past the solitary pupil sat at the front of the classroom and over to her desk, she placing her bag down carefully. This was not like Louise. The girl was a little too eager to be here and a little too happy to be sat in detention at the end of her Friday. Even though she was new to this game Miss Kay was still sharp enough to be rightly suspicious of the girl.

"Oh, and what is it you want to talk to me about?"

Miss Kay moved to the side of her desk and sat her pert bottom on the edge, the teacher placing her hands behind her on the shiny old oak.

Louise immediately noticed her teacher's small breasts push tightly against her taught shirt as she leant back, the sight causing a small tingle of attraction to flutter in the base of the young girl's stomach. Louise followed the slim lines of Miss Kay's fitted blouse down to her waist, Louise's lust secretively growing as she admired the athleticism of her teacher's long and slender legs, her beautiful thighs accentuated in blue slim low cut hipster jeans, the boot-cut bottoms flaring out elegantly over her stunning black high-heels. She thought back to spying on these gorgeous legs, naked and apart, just the day before. The memory of Miss Kay's hungry fingers masturbating away between them, of the sweat glistening off her smooth skin and of her abandonment to Rebecca causing a quick shiver of pleasure to sparkle through her.

Miss Kay spotted that Louise was looking her up and down, but she did not care. The teacher knew very well just how jealous and petty this girl was, so she did not mind admitting that she got a twinge of spiteful pleasure at Louise's obvious annoyance at her beauty and her expensive clothes. Miss Kay could not help but let a tiny smile creep onto her lips. Yes, she had put on her tight jeans and skimpy blouse today for Rebecca to enjoy, but part of her also craved the inevitable jealousy from shallow girls like Louise, the teacher enjoying what she presumed was an envious examination by the bully.

"Miss Kay, I want to talk to you about what happened in the classroom yesterday and why I am in detention; I don't think I did anything wrong."

Miss Kay shook her head in disbelief at Louise. How could this girl be so cold? The teacher took a deep breath, she preparing herself for the little lecture she was about to give the bully - the fact she had to spell it out to the girl was a little tiresome. She really hated having to tell the girls off, especially when the girl in question did not seem to think she was in the wrong. She sat up from her relaxed pose, Miss Kay straightening her posture and clasped her hands in front of her authoritatively.

"Look Louise, regardless of what Rebecca did, you humiliated her in front of her classmates. It was not up to you to decide the girl's punishment and it was not up to you to inform the rest of the class of her misdeeds. You know very well that this is now the talk of the school and that the poor girl is going to suffer with that stigma for a very long time. Your one thoughtless act has now decided her future and, regardless of what she did, nobody deserves that."

Miss Kay looked at Louise, the girl listening intently, but, annoyingly, she was still smiling.

"Do you not feel any guilt, Louise? Do you not feel bad for Rebecca?"

Louise pondered this question, if only Miss Kay knew what her and Rebecca had done in the toilets earlier that day.

"Yes, I suppose I do feel a bit guilty, but Rebecca and I have..." Louise delighted in the half truth, "...settled our differences. Miss Kay, you know us girls; we would have found out anyway. We always do..." another knowing smile crept onto Louise's face, the girl noticing Miss Kay cross her arms unconsciously at the secret she was trying so desperately to hide, " is it not best that this got out into the air as soon as possible? I helped the girl; I have made it easier for her."

Miss Kay despaired at the possibilities that popped into her head with Louise's confident but defiant rebuttal. She sincerely hoped that Louise had not hurt her sweet Rebecca.

"Hmm, I hope you have not been nasty to Rebecca. I know your 'reputation', Louise, and I don't believe that you have made things easier for her at all. This was between Rebecca and I. You had no business announcing it to the class and, to be frank, it was a cruel and evil thing to do. And you know it."

Miss Kay scowled at Louise, the teacher wishing the girl would show a glimmer of remorse. She was desperately trying to fight for her Rebecca, she wanted to shout at this insolent little brat and she wanted to slap her hard in her disrespectful little face.

"Well, in that case I apologise."

Miss Kay knew that was a lie, but she had to acknowledge it anyway.

"Good. You still have to stay in detention though; you are not getting away with it that easily."

Miss Kay suddenly noticed Louise's eyes oddly brighten with her show of authority, it as though it was the bully's cue for something. Louise smiled an evil smile.

"I would not miss this detention for the world, Miss Kay."

Miss Kay looked at the smirking girl, she now very suspicious indeed.

"Oh yes? And why would that be?"

The teacher cocked her head, she now curious. What could a student possibly look forward to detention for? Was she going to be even more nasty to Rebecca now they were together in Miss Kay's classroom again?

Louise straitened in her chair, the girl enjoying the pause, she relishing the anticipation and the imminent rush of power she was about to feel.

"Well, Miss Kay, today you will be following my lesson plan." Louise knowingly placed her palm on the folded paper in front of her.

"What the Hell are you talking about girl? Detention does not have a lesson plan..." The teacher was getting increasingly angry. She scowled at the stupid girl.

"I think you will find, Miss, that this one does."

"Louise," Miss Kay spat, "I don't know what you are playing at, but please shut up before you get into more trouble."

"No, Miss, you shut the fuck up."

The teacher sat dumbstruck, her mouth hanging open, she staring at the insolent brat in complete shock. How dare she speak to her like that? She began to form her lips into words, the teacher ready to give the little diva a good tongue lashing, but Louise stopped her dead in her tracks before she could regain her composure.

"I saw you and Rebecca wanking. I watched you cum. I watched her cum. Twice."

Louise waited for the allegation land, the girl smirking in delight as the horror of realisation washed over the teacher's face. Louise looked on with glee as the colour drained from Miss Kay's cheeks, the teacher's posture visibly slumping with the panic.

"How?" Was all Miss Kay could say.

After sitting in dumb silence for a few moments, Miss Kay unable to look at Louise, the teacher slowly stood and turned to her desk, the woman shell shocked and staring past her bag into nothingness. She then picked up her handbag, her mind fuzzy and dulled with panic, Miss Kay not really sure what she was doing, the teacher only really managing to focus on one word; 'how?'

"I... I need to leave." She said to no one in particular.


Louise abruptly jumped out of her seat and stormed over to the teacher's desk, a sheet of paper held in her hand and a intoxicating power and an addictive confidence tingling through her extremities. The teacher obeyed and slumped into her chair, her hand still on her bag, her face staring blankly at the back of the room, her heart pounding in a useless panic.

It was over. Everything was over; her career, her reputation, her freedom, her friendships, her family, oh God, her family. The disgrace. The humiliation. All Miss Kay could now think of was the disgusted look on her mother's face; she would be mortified. She felt sick, she felt destroyed, she felt empty. She looked up at the evil girl, Louise was now sat next to her on the lip of the desk, her pretty face grinning down at Miss Kay.

"What? How? Who.... who have you told?"

The teacher could now feel the raw emotion of the situation break through the numbness, a welling need to cry almost overwhelming her. Louise continued with the torturous smile, her breezy glee simply maddening.

"For now just you and your darling Rebecca. No one else knows. Only me, you and her. She understands the situation and I think we want to keep it that way, don't we?"

Louise noticed a tear tumble down the teacher's cheek. She bent and gently cupped Miss Kay's pretty chin in her hand, the bully guiding the teacher's panicked face toward hers, Louise noticing Miss Kay's bottom lip now beginning to tremble.

"Now, now. I need you to pull yourself together because you have something I want, and I can't enjoy it with you in this state."

Miss Kay swallowed down the panic, she suppressing the sorrow, her trembling hand wiping away the tear. She looked into Louise's eyes blankly, the woman nodding, she not sure what she was agreeing to but a tentative relief now entering her, her stormy emotions still swirling around in her mind. In an odd sort of way she was glad of Louise's orders, her life now so close to being in tatters it felt good to have someone tell her what to do.

"OK Louise, what...what is it you want from me? You know I need this to stay quiet. You know I, I can't have anyone else find out, I can't, oh God, Louise, please, I beg of you, I can't have anyone else find out about this. You have to understand; please, teaching is my life. It was just one moment of weakness, one. Rebecca, she, she instigated it, she, I..."

Louise let the excuses trail off, the teacher sniffing, both of them knowing it was pointless. The teacher looked down, the woman deeply ashamed but increasingly relieved at the glimmer of hope Louise was offering her. Miss Kay was fully aware that this evil girl was about to blackmail her, but it was better that than the truth made public. She quickly made some mental calculations of what was available in her savings account, the woman expecting a large figure from Louise.

"I have already told you what I want."

Miss Kay furrowed her brow at Louise, the dullness of her panicked thoughts causing nothing but confusion.

"I want you to follow my lesson plan," Louise waved the bit of paper in front of the teacher, "here it is."

And with that Louise placed the piece of paper down in front of the stunned Miss Kay. She left the pretty, sniffling and shocked teacher's table and sat back at her desk, her hands clasped in front of her, a smile on her face, the girl waiting patiently as the teacher looked over the scribbled plan.

Miss Kay sniffed away the last of her sadness, the teacher rubbing at her eyes with her fists, she clearing the tears and forcing her emotions to settle. She drew in a deep breath, she composing herself and readied herself for what Louise had in store for her. She slowly opened the A4 sheet and looked down at what Louise had written.

Her eyes widened in shock as she read the instructions within.

"I can't do this. I... This is going too far. I can't... Louise, please, there must be another way..?"

But she knew there was no point; the girl had her. This evil bully could do as she pleased; Miss Kay was probably looking at a prison sentence if the truth were ever revealed, this on top of the disgrace, the humiliation and the loss of her life as she knew it. She might as well be dead. She stared into the paper in horror, every new line another shot of icy dread shooting down her spine, this fresh adrenaline focussing her mind on Louise's plan, the cold fire pushing aside the sadness with the re-reading of each terrible, manipulative line.

The teacher stared intently at the words on the page. Although initial shocking, they also painted an odd picture of the girl now sat patiently at the front of the classroom. Louise seemed to want the teacher to be humiliated in a sexual way, but why? Was Louise just using this as some sort of fitting torture, or was there something else to the girl?

"Pull yourself together now Miss, I think I can hear the other girls coming." Louise smiled as the door opened and Emma wandered in, the blond girl closely followed by Rebecca.

Miss Kay swallowed down the last dregs of her strained emotions and closed her eyes in preparation for the lesson, the teacher readying herself to begin the most uncomfortable detention of her life.

"Girls please join Louise at the front of the class."

It was only now that Miss Kay noticed that there were three desks pushed together in a continuous line across the front row and Louise had sat herself at the middle desk. She also noticed that as Rebecca took her seat on Louise's right that the girl was looking especially adorable with a white hair-band and a little smoky make up. Rebecca exchanged what looked like a knowing look with Louise and then shot Miss Kay a worried glance. The girl knew something, thought Miss Kay, Louise was not lying; they had been talking.

The teacher walked across the classroom, her body still electric with the adrenaline of panic, her extremities tingling with fear at the instructions forced upon her by Louise. She closed the door, the woman pulling down the blind as she did.

"You may want to draw the curtains too."

Both Rebecca and Miss Kay suddenly realised how they were both caught with Louise's telling comment.

Miss Kay walked to the back of the room, the woman glancing out of the window, she mentally chastising herself for the oversight. Even though they were on the first floor she spotted the maintenance hut at the back corner. Louise could easily have climbed on to this and watched from the window.

She pulled the curtains tight over the glass as she walked back toward the front of the classroom, each pull further cocooning the room from the outside world. With the last curtain drawn the classroom was now only lit by the big fluorescents, no outside light seeping in, no more outside eyes steeling any shocked glances.

She retraced her steps, the woman moving deliberately and slowly, the teacher checking for gaps in the curtains, she trying to delay the inevitable, but all too soon she had arrived back at the front of the classroom, she standing in the middle of the chalk board, the teacher directly in front of the three girls sat patiently at the pushed-together desks. From Miss Kay's left to her right sat her darling, cute and adorable Rebecca, then the evil, manipulative but stunning Louise and then the pretty little loud mouth swimmer Emma.

The teacher stood with her hands shaking, she still holding Louise's sheet, she not quite able to believe what she was about to do. She looked at the A4 instructions one last time, the woman hoping the words written within had changed but she knowing they had not. She drew in a deep breath, she mentally preparing herself for the awkward task ahead, and, with one final glance to Louise, the evil girl still smirking up at her, she began by following the instructions on the first line.

"OK, girls this will not be like a regular detention so you can keep your books in your bags. For the moment I want you to simply listen to what I have to say."

Emma exchanged glances with Rebecca, both girls a little confused.

"Now girls, we all know why we are here." Miss Kay looked to Rebecca, the teacher trying to apologise to the sweet girl with her eyes, she knowing that what she was about to say was going to hurt the girl, an explosion of empathy washing over the teacher as Rebecca's huge and trusting blue pupils stared back at her expectantly. "We are here because..." she paused, the woman trying to find the most diplomatic way to say it "...because of the incident in this classroom yesterday and the part each of you had to play."

Emma smirked, the girl remembering her funny comment.

"Now, what Rebecca did, although poorly timed and disruptive, was not wrong. What I want to discuss with you all today is why it is not wrong."

Miss Kay shifted uncomfortably on her feet, her fingers playing with the paper in her hands nervously.

"I want to talk to you all about masturbation."

The girl's faces all suddenly lit up.

Emma was wide eyed with an uncomfortable shock, the girl not really sure why she was here in the first place - she did not really believe what all the other girl's had been saying about Rebecca. But now the teacher had sort of confirmed it. She had made it real!

Louise's face lit up in delight; the excitement in the girl rising quickly as her teacher spoke, Louise more than a little pleased that Miss Kay was actually following her blackmail plan.

Rebecca's face sported a worried attentiveness, the teen knowing this had something to do with what Louise had said in the bathroom after their 'playtime' together.

"Masturbation, although something that should not be encouraged while we are reading Shakespeare, is a wonderful, fun and pleasurable thing."

Louise and Emma both tittered.

"There is nothing wrong with it and it should be enjoyed by all. What I want to do in this lesson is..." the teacher gulped, the woman blushing at the words she was about to say; " you how to do it properly."

Rebecca's mouth fell open, her heart racing, the girl knowing that this was all Louise's doing. She wondered what Louise had said to Miss Kay, the odd piece of paper in the teacher's hand now obvious; Rebecca was willing to bet that the sheet would contain Louise's handwriting. What was Louise about to force Miss Kay to do? She had a fair idea; the young girl's heart beating hard for her teacher, she realising that this was the brunette's plan all along.

Emma shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she had been forced to sit through sex ed classes before but they usually consisted of a bad video with cartoon willies and condoms on bananas. They were pointless and unwatchable over the noise of the giggling. But here a teacher, an English teacher, was about to show the girls about masturbation in detention, something she was already fully aware of and did not need any outside help with thank you very much. Emma glanced around the room, she expecting to notice the TV trolley but she not seeing anything at all. What the hell was going on? Why were the curtains closed if they were not going to be watching a video?

Miss Kay looked at the second line on the sheet, her heart rate increasing. She gulped.

"The first thing I need to tell you is that I masturbate. I have done so ever since I started puberty and I love it." The teacher felt her cheeks burning with a blush at this statement.

Emma too blushed at the teacher's admission.

Although the rapid beating of Rebecca's heart was in sympathy for her beautiful teacher, she also realised a part of her wanted Miss Kay to continue, the subject matter and the teacher's admission unavoidably erotic, her words forcing Rebecca to remember the events of the day before, her words forcing her to relive the wonderful and orgasmic time they had together. The girl tried to fight the tingling and naughty want for this to actually play out, the girl predicting where Louise was going to push this and she feeling a dread, but she also found that an increasingly large part of her liked it. She tried to ignore the conflicting feelings of betrayal and lust, the girl knowing that she should not be encouraging this, the teen trying to blink away the guilt.

Louise, on the other hand, was settling into the raw pleasure of the teacher's humiliation, her nipples on her big breasts tingling with anticipation at the next part, her body already becoming aroused at the potential of her detention.

"I have masturbated most days that I could since I was about 13, and I am sure you girls have all at least experimented with masturbation yourselves by now."

The teacher looked down at her small class, Rebecca still looking worried, Louise smirking, and poor, innocent Emma looking very uncomfortable indeed.

"Now the last time I masturbated was last night, I..." Miss Kay could not believe she was going to say this - mainly because it was true, "...I masturbated in bed, with my fingers and came thinking about one of the girls in this school."

All three girl's gasped, Emma for the obvious reasons, Louise in delight at the frank admission, she feeling the power, she feeling her control over the teacher, it adding to the beginnings of her own arousal. And Rebecca gasped because she knew that Miss Kay meant her.

Emma wondered if she was surrounded by bloody lesbian's at this fucking school. Firstly the pervert Rebecca was wanking in class, and now her fucking English teacher was admitting to fantasizing about one of the girls in school too. Who, Emma wondered? Was it her? She did have an amazing body and she was pretty damn hot. She quickly shook away the thought, the girl feeling a little odd that she wanted it to be her. Her mind then returned to the obvious; Emma had seen plenty of girl's bodies in her 17 years, she being a swimmer and the regular group showers you kind of get used to it, but hell, were half of those girls also getting turned on by each other too? What the hell was the world coming to? She had no desires toward other girls that she knew of; yes being part of a sport like swimming you quickly become aware of a good body, but to think about another girl while masturbating? That was just weird. Emma was a little worried at where this detention was going, her teacher had already taken this too far and she was feeling a little sickly in the pit of her stomach at the odd goings on.

The teacher gulped down the rising fear. She closed her eyes and launched into the question posed by the next line of Louise's demands.

"So girls. I would like to know when you each did it last. Don't be scared, it is not something to be ashamed of."

This last part was a lie. Although Miss Kay knew very well that masturbation was absolutely fine, she also knew very well that all the girls in this room, apart from Louise, obviously, were going to find this next part very hard indeed. So let the bully be the first victim.

"Louise, how about you. When did you masturbate last?"

Louise smirked at the question, the bully suspecting in advance that the teacher was going to pick her first.

"I don't need to masturbate; the last time I came was this morning when I was fucked by someone very special."

Louise deliberately looked over to Rebecca, Miss Kay glanced to her cute student, the girl now averting her eyes from her teacher, the teen ashamed at what Louise had done to her, she guilty at the betrayal of her beautiful teacher, but enjoying the erotic memory nonetheless.

Miss Kay had a fair idea what Louise had meant, her heart sinking at the possibility; she simply hoped that Louise had not hurt her darling Rebecca in the process.

Emma missed the signals, her mind still muddied with odd thoughts and awkward embarrassment at the frankness of the teacher. And now Louise too! God, she knew that girl had balls, but that was a bit strong!

"Thank you Louise, but please don't swear. The question was; 'when was the last time you masturbated?'"

"Well if you must know it was last night, fantasising about something I was going to do today."

"I see. Very good."

The teacher and Rebecca knew very well that Louise meant the goings on in this detention. The teacher did not want to let the evil girl elaborate more.

"Now, Emma, can you please tell us when you last touched yourself?"

Emma sat up straight, the girl clearly not wanting to discuss this very personal subject at all. Masturbation, by its very nature, was the most solitary act a person could do, so she was not going to discuss this with others, and certainly not with a lesbian teacher, a lesbian classmate and a bully. My God, she thought, Louise was that bully; anything admitted in front of her would be spread around the school like wild fire.

"I would rather not discuss that thank you very much." Emma crossed her arms over her breasts protectively.

"But I did." Louise turned to Emma, the bully shooting her a threatening look. "If I can admit to it then you have to too. Come on Emma, when did you last touch your pussy and cum?"

"Louise please!" Miss Kay did not want to annoy the girl, but that was a bit too much.

"I, I..." Emma stuttered, but fearing Louise's fists more than her tongue she had to speak; "OK, OK, I masturbated two days ago. I was watching the TV and something about the film turned me on. OK?" Emma thought back. It was filled with big, hunky manly men sweating and shouting. The sheer testosterone of the movie made her feel horny. The memory helping as an antidote to the strong lesbian vibe she was getting from the classroom and a reassuring nod toward her own heterosexuality.

"Thank you Emma." The teacher was feeling sorry for the small blond girl, if it was not for her annoyance at Emma's comment to Rebecca in the English lesson yesterday then this would not have involved her.

The teacher, her mind slowly clearing, now had chance to take stock of the situation with a little more focus. In front of her and sat behind the three pushed-together desks were three very attractive girls indeed. Rebecca was obviously her favourite, the events of yesterday granting the adorable, cute little girl a special place in her heart, but the other two, the dusky brunette bully and the athletic blond swimmer were also both gorgeous in their own very different ways. If she did have to continue with Louise's plan, if the inevitable did have to happen, she could use the beauty of the three girls to at least try and enjoy her final days at this school, and possibly her final days of freedom.

Emma was small, she only a little taller than Rebecca, but the girl was athletic, sporty and had long straight blond hair, it presumably her natural colour. Her hair always cascaded over her shoulders and bounced playfully above her pert breasts, her boobs a little bigger than the teachers, but in no way large like Louise's. Her features were sharp but stunning, the definition in her cheek bones, jaw and pretty nose were almost sculpted to the ideal of Scandinavian female beauty. The girl rarely wore much make up due to her regular jaunts into the pool, but what little she did wear highlighted her encapsulating blue eyes beautifully. Her face was also always brightened by her almost constant, gentle and spacey smile. This girl did live up to the stereotype of dumb blond; she was not the brightest, but she enjoyed life with a breezy disposition that was simply infectious. Her very presence was usually enough to cheer up most people, regardless of the girl's apparent lack of intellect. She was an amazing swimmer, though, and her body spoke volumes about the hard work the girl put into the sport, it being slender, toned, athletic and very flexible.

Her pretty and clean face was not smiling at the moment, though. In fact she looked horrified at the situation and was obviously finding this very difficult indeed.

The teacher realised that she had been staring at Emma a little too long and moved her gaze back to Rebecca, her beautiful little girl now looking up to Miss Kay, her teen lover ready to admit her desires toward her. "And Rebecca, when did you last masturbate?"

"Last night Miss, I was thinking of you, I orgasmed five times!" Blurted Rebecca, the girl trying to prove her devotion to her teacher despite the betrayal of her previous thoughts and her time in the bathroom with Louise. Suddenly all faces were looking to Rebecca, all of them shocked - even Louise. Five times! Wow.

"My God, girl." Louise muttered, the thought of the girl repeatedly climaxing causing her to get that sickly tingle of naughty sexual desire to sparkle within her crotch again.

Miss Kay, although flattered and shocked, gulped down the welling saliva. The cute girl was clearly besotted with her.

"Right. Err. Thank you girls. Thank you for being so frank with me. Now for the next part of the lesson."

Miss Kay knew the next part was going to be the most crucial, if she could get through this without Emma, in particular, running out and screaming to the world, then she should be OK.

"OK now for the fun bit. I want to show you how to masturbate well, how to get the most pleasure from your body and how to use your erogenous zones to heighten your orgasms."

The teacher took a deep breath and placed the plan on the desk in front of her. Still standing at the chalk board, with three sets of very different eyes staring at her with varying degrees of disbelief, she started to unbutton her blouse, hear heart pounding in fear.
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